Is your IT consultant a rowboat, sailboat, or speed boat? No IT consultant offers the same level of service and your business needs to know the difference. Here are four crucial questions to find out if your IT consultant is in ship-shape.

Your IT consultant is a rowboat

Your business is barely paddling forward with a one-man IT company. 

You’ve relied on Joe for years to provide technical support for your company. He’s a good guy and you have a great sense of loyalty to one another. However, sometimes you feel your business’ IT environment is a bit too much for a one-man company to handle. His response to IT help requests isn’t exactly timely and his ability to support your entire company network is a bit limited.

Joe is a great guy and he means well. But, your business is running into the same technology issues time and time again, and Joe only supports and takes accountability for certain aspects of your network. This one-man IT company used to meet your needs with one-off jobs, but it’s certainly not helping your company paddle forward. In fact, it’s at risk of sinking your ship.

Your IT consultant is a sailboat

Your business is slowly sailing ahead with a help desk provider. 

ABC Tech is very reliable during business hours, and there’s a team of technicians with a cross-range of skills ready to help your business with technical issues. While ABC Tech manages and takes responsibility for the majority of your network requirements, it’s your internal IT team that has to worry about helping to take corporate goals to the finish line. Your business is just keeping above water with this help desk provider.

You know ABC Tech is looking out for your company’s technology environment. Although, they’re not up-to-speed on more advanced technologies and they’re not available after-hours or on the weekend if anything were to go wrong. ABC Tech may have a cross-range of skills and business-hour availability, but they’re not helping to keep your technology ahead of the curve. This reactive help desk provider is keeping your company afloat but runs the risk of leading your business into rough waters.

Your IT consultant is a speedboat

Your company is propelling full throttle ahead with a managed service provider. 

Super Tech has guaranteed 24/7 availability and a range of mid to senior-level technicians to support your entire network. This IT consultant delivers proactive and accountable service so you don’t have to worry about managing technology internally. Problems are recognized and addressed even before they become an issue. What’s more is Super Tech takes responsibility for your entire IT network, managing all vendor relationships too.

This managed service provider has a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced technologies so your company doesn’t have to worry about falling behind. Super Tech knows the connection between corporate operations and IT, and they’re leveraging technology to propel your business forward.


Whether your IT consultant is a rowboat, sailboat, or speed boat, technology support plays a critical part in your business. Although, your IT consultant shouldn’t sink your business, and it shouldn’t just keep your company afloat. Leverage a managed service provider to power through the sea of results.

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