Integrate Microsoft Teams Room Into Your IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms
make remote work, work. The new standard for video conferencing is here.

Hybrid work is here to stay.

And integrating a physical and virtual workforce is paramount for culture and productivity.

With the shift towards hybrid working environments with COVID-19 restrictions as well as new habits and processes developed throughout 2020/2021, video conferencing needs have evolved.  Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms are the solution for your business needs.



The Future of Work is Here

The majority of the workforce will continue to work remotely, even in a post-Covid world


Teleworkers are 30%-40% more productive than their office counterparts

Work-Life Balance

97% of people believe a flexible job positively impacts their quality of life.

Logitech + Microsoft Teams

Raising the Bar of Video Meetings
Logitech raises the bar on the video conferencing industry with a next-generation portfolio of PC and appliance-based solutions that work with today’s leading video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams. Logitech Rally Bar, purpose-built for mid-sized rooms, and Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small rooms transform meetings with cinema-quality video and crisp, clear audio in an all-in-one design.


SysGen offers end-to-end deployment of Microsoft Teams Room

We manage the solution from inception, through deployment, and beyond.

SysGen provides clients with an ongoing service and a support contract that ensures the client experience is just as great months after deployment as it was on day one. By pairing best-in-class software and hardware solutions, SysGen out-competes on price and quality for SMB video conferencing needs.

The Hardware

Microsoft Teams Room paired with Logitech’s Rally series of hardware provides customers with a Teams Room meeting experience. The solution is also able to handle Zoom and WebEx meetings.

The hardware components depend on the size of the room and its layout. Our team will work with you to build a custom solution for your needs.

Ongoing Support & Service

This ensures you have the highest quality experience, from day 1 to day 365.

SysGen’s continued Teams Rooms support is key to ensuring clients don’t feel they are biting off more than they can chew with new technology. Not only is the hardware installed, but ongoing support and education is provided to ensure optimal uptake and use.

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