Managed IT Services in Edmonton

Managed IT Services in Edmonton

Searching for top-notch managed IT services in Edmonton? Look no further than SysGen. We're passionate about providing a wide range of IT solutions, offering unparalleled IT support to our valued clients.


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    Managed Services to Suit Your Business Needs

    At SysGen, we offer a comprehensive range of professionally managed services in Edmonton. Our model goes beyond traditional, leveraging the expertise of our specialized team to ensure exceptional IT services and solutions.

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    IT Consulting

    Our expert guidance helps businesses maximize technology resources, align strategies, and improve operational efficiency for optimal results.

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    Digital Transformation

    Successful digital transformation means strategically leveraging technology, driving innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and achieving operational efficiency.

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    Cloud Managed Services

    With the support and management of cloud-based infrastructure, businesses can ensure security, scalability, and high performance.

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    Safeguard your valuable assets and protect against online threats with our robust cybersecurity solutions and defence mechanisms.

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    Mobile Device Management

    Ensure data protection and enforce policies with centralized control and security management of mobile devices.

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    Backups and Business Continuity

    Minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted business operations with regular data backups and comprehensive disaster recovery plans.

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    Efficiently source and acquire technology resources with our procurement services, ensuring cost-effectiveness and high-quality solutions for your business.

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    IT Infrastructure

    Our team can create and manage a reliable, secure technological foundation to support your business operations and communication.

    Proven Results

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    19 Minutes

    average response time

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    of our customers have an “Excellent” satisfaction rating after resolving an issue with SysGen

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    28 Years

    Founded in 1995

    Say Goodbye to the Help Desk Approach

    At SysGen, we don’t offer help desk services. Instead, we prioritize proactive managed IT services, emphasizing consistent communication and regular check-ins. Our dedicated team works diligently to keep your hardware and software up-to-date, ensuring they are optimized to meet your specific requirements.

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    24/7 Real-Time Alerts

    We believe in proactive and effective communication that can impact your business’s success. Our team stays vigilant, constantly monitoring your systems to identify opportunities for operational efficiency. Through scheduled health checks, we guarantee uninterrupted uptime and can ensure that our services are always aligned with your business goals.

    Tailored IT Services

    As a managed services provider in Edmonton, we prioritize establishing solid relationships with our clients from the beginning. Once we develop a customized strategy, you will be paired with a dedicated local IT manager who is fully committed to understanding the procedures and processes of your business.

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    Our Partners

    SysGen holds our team to the highest standards, and similarly, we expect the best from our partners. We connect with innovative solutions in the IT industry to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

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    Why Managed IT?

    • Focus on Your Core Business: With managed IT services, you can focus on your primary objectives while entrusting technology needs to our team of skilled professionals.
    • Guaranteed Peace of Mind: You can rest assured that your technology is under effective surveillance and management with our comprehensive IT services in Edmonton.
    • Saves You Time: By delegating IT management, you can reclaim precious time to allocate toward essential business projects.
    • Reduced Downtime: Managed IT services allow your business to benefit from proactive monitoring and prompt issue resolution, resulting in enhanced productivity.

    Providing Managed IT Services for Edmonton Businesses

    To ensure optimal client satisfaction, our comprehensive IT services are readily accessible across the city and its surrounding areas. Managed IT plays a pivotal role in various business operations, and our team of seasoned professionals is committed to providing unwavering support in the following areas

    • Acheson
    • Beaumont
    • Bruderheim
    • Camrose
    • Devon
    • Fort Saskatchewan
    • Gibbons
    • Leduc
    • Morinville
    • Nisku
    • Sherwood Park
    • Spruce Grove
    • St. Albert
    • Stony Plain

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    Frequently Asked

    Managed IT services involve the process of employing a service provider to manage a company’s IT resources and assets and develop strategies for cyber security. These services ensure that processes are implemented to manage data securely and improve technological efficiency in an organization. 

    The cost of managed IT services depends on the service provider’s model. Reactive providers typically charge a service fee per incident, which can vary based on the complexity of the issues. Alternatively, service providers like SysGen elect to use a monthly flat fee to provide more comprehensive support that is proactive in building long-term solutions. 

    SysGen uses a proactive model of service delivery for managed IT. At SysGen, businesses receive a dedicated IT manager to integrate themselves with a business mission and goals to create tailor-made solutions. SysGen provides real-time alerts, monthly reports and quarterly reviews to understand your network needs better. Security assurance and preventive maintenance are critical offerings that ensure the server’s health and your data’s protection. SysGen provides an escalation team ready to solve any unforeseen issues with your network.

    No, managed IT services facilitate relationship building between the company and the third-party provider. In contrast, outsourcing provides only basic level support that does not create tailor-made solutions that support your specific company’s mission or goals. A managed IT service provider has a broader range of services and is an investment in the health of your organization’s technological ecosystem.

    Managed IT services are provided to all industries that leverage technology in their business operations. These services benefit small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the internal capacity or expertise to manage an IT department. Using a service provider like us at SysGen allows for applications in various industries to seek out tailor-made solutions. For example, businesses in manufacturing industries require support related to inventory and product lifecycle. Meanwhile, companies in the legal and medical fields require more support in maintaining the security of confidential client information.

    Managed IT services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that leverage technology in their daily operations. SMEs can exploit the knowledge and expertise of a managed service provider without hiring an internal IT department. Companies looking to eliminate the risk of cybersecurity threats and improve process efficiency should take the proactive step of employing a managed IT service provider.