IT Services for the Legal Industry

IT Services for the Legal Industry

Providing IT services and solutions for the legal industry. Our focus is to make life easier for your law firm so you can focus on what matters most.

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IT Support for the Legal Industry

SysGen has experience providing IT legal services to the legal industry across Alberta and British Columbia. Our technical teams understand the importance of data integrity, 24/7 cloud, cybersecurity, and device uptime. Dedicated SysGen support ensures your organization is supported without the annoyance of an anonymous help desk.

IT Support for Law Firms

As a law firm, you have intensive data needs while requiring significant security for client information. Application uptime is incredibly important as billable hours are your bread and butter – therefore, technology going offline is not an option. IT solutions for law firms necessitates being able to access your files anytime, anywhere. Whether that’s from remote locations, the courthouse, or client offices. SysGen is cloud-savvy across several platforms. Chat with SysGen further about our IT support for lawyers.

How Does SysGen Provide IT Support for Legal

Enhanced Cybersecurity

SysGen’s Managed Security service offering provides comprehensive cybersecurity support for legal firms. We understand the importance of stopping data breaches from hackers – data breaches can lead to exposing confidential client information, which is a reputational nightmare. With a significant amount of data to protect, SysGen relies on its three-pronged approach to prevent security breaches for legal firms – people, policy, and technology. People ensure employees are educated on phishing and ransomware best practices. Policy provides a framework for how data should be stored to keep it safe and locked away. Technology includes tools such as Microsoft Authenticator for MFA, Microsoft Intune should a device be compromised and Defender for Office 365 to protect email from phishing.

Industry-Leading Cloud Solutions

IT support for legal services requires ongoing cloud support. Your applications are your most important tools for getting your work done. From Microsoft applications like M365 (Word, Excel, Outlook) to Microsoft Teams and industry-specific apps like Clio, WorldOX, and PCLaw, our team builds a personal relationship with your organization to ensure continuous uptime. With billable hours being your method of business, any minute down is a minute you cannot charge for services. With a dedicated team to support your cloud solutions wherever you are, we keep your business running. And, with SysGen Atmosphere, a tier-3 data center, all of your data is hosted in Canada for any privacy concerns.

Optimizing Your Devices

IT support for lawyers requires knowledge of an array of devices including your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. Whether you are bringing your tablet to court or your laptop to a client site, SysGen IT services support the needs of your organization for optimal technology performance. We can support your devices remotely or in-person – whichever option is required to get you up and running immediately.

Strategy & Execution

With SysGen’s IT solutions for law firms, your organization can save money through increased innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. SysGen provides an infrastructure audit, understands how your organization operates, and then provides recommendations that result in efficiency gains and cost-saving measures. We understand that investments in technology must mean a return on investment for your law firm. Our technology and business analyst teams can provide you with that analysis. With remote collaboration being a necessity with the onset of hybrid work environments, our digital advisory team will work with your organization to ensure everyone understands how to use collaboration software such as Microsoft Teams so that your investment does not go to waste. We will also work with your teams to ensure change management is as seamless as possible.

Why Are Managed Services Important for Lawyers?