IT Support for Accountants

IT Support for Accountants

Providing IT solutions for accounting firms. Our focus is to make life easier as an accounting professional so you can focus on what matters most.

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Managed IT Services for Accounting Firms

Technology is essential for accounting firms looking to gain a competitive edge. The accounting industry is subject to stringent compliance rules and regulations, which require proactive management of IT to ensure data security. Managed IT services for accounting firms provide a secure, reliable, stable and cost-effective option. These services ensure that firms are leveraging technology to their advantage and securing their data to, maximizing privacy and safety for their clients.

How Does SysGen Provide IT Support for Accountants?

SysGen develops tailor-made solutions that speak directly to your accounting firm’s needs. Solutions like cloud and data protection are integral to the secure functioning of an accounting firm. The ability to access secure data anywhere, across multiple devices, is essential to improving productivity and efficiency in the hybrid work environment. Furthermore, digital security protection from cyberattacks, phishing, and ransomware is critical to protecting client data, all while ensuring information is accessible, permissions-controlled, and safe in the event of a cyberattack. 

At SysGen, we work to improve your established IT processes and help develop them to fit the unique needs of your business. For example, we tailor your security needs related to employee training, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption to safeguard the sensitive financial data of clients.

Cybersecurity to Protect Your Data  

 Accountants deal with sensitive financial and personal data daily. One of the most significant sources of competitive advantage you can offer to your clients is security. Implementing cybersecurity measures reassures your clients of their data privacy, tightly controlled permissions, and peace of mind.  

Cybersecurity is central in choosing whether to host your data with on-premises software or the cloud. On-premises solutions are typically more costly and require on-site servers with constant maintenance and support costs. Conversely, cloud-based storage solutions offer flexible options to grow with your business, making them scalable. Cloud services for accounting firms reduce the cost of hardware investments and have the added benefit of tighter security, ensuring your data is always accessible and safe. 

Work from Home Solutions  

Today, accountants can capitalize on the hybrid workplace. However, doing so requires secure access to the tools and data needed for them to do their jobs. Secure networking from anywhere requires IT solutions like SharePoint and cloud-based data storage. This guarantees that data is backed up and secure, making it possible for accountants to work ubiquitously and accommodate the demands of tax season. 

A Dedicated Field Agent to Support Your Accounting Firm  

SysGen has extensive experience in working with accounting firms and, per our mission, we integrate our solutions to the singular needs of clients. Integrating our solutions with accounting applications like Sage, Quickbooks, CaseWare, Working Papers, Tax Cycle and TaxPrep, SysGen can support your specific accounting firm’s needs. 

Our IT solutions work with the existing applications used by small and medium accounting firms to create a seamless experience for both accountants and their clients. We ensure that your assigned field agent can fully understand the breadth of your business. This enables for them to generate innovative solutions, making your operations more productive and efficient. 

24/7 Monitoring & IT Support 

Being a small or medium-sized business, the ability to monitor your data security isn’t always feasible, but it is necessary to do so. Leveraging managed IT services can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your data is monitored continuously, and that you can count on after-hours support during tax seasons when data is critical to your business’ operations. Having a dedicated resource team familiar with your operations allows you to connect quickly to solve any issues you encounter, such as the complexities of handling client data across multiple team members and devices. 

IT Consulting  

At SysGen, we know that accounting firms require tailor-made solutions to manage sensitive financial and client data. Our IT consulting goes beyond basic solutions and instead takes a comprehensive approach, integrating the specific needs of your accounting firm into our IT solutions to deliver optimized results. At SysGen, we can support your business to ensure continuity with backup solutions and improve your processes by supporting the seamless transition between remote and on-site work, all while ensuring that the safety of your client’s data is paramount. 

How We Help Accounting Firms

SysGen’s dedicated services are optimized to help address a myriad of problems relevant to accounting firms.  

Downtime During Tax Season, Full Range Support 

Accounting firms are pushed to the limits during tax season, working in overdrive. The last thing your business needs is for your network to fall victim to a cyberattack or experience failure, resulting in downtime. Without access to your client’s sensitive information, the burden of tax season instantly doubles. At SysGen, our managed services offering can address and even prevent this issue from occurring. Through our proactive approach, we offer solutions to reduce downtime through back-ups and business continuity, ensuring that risk is dramatically mitigated, and you can always access your data securely. Accountability is central to SysGen’s solutions. 

For this reason, our clients receive support from dedicated technical analysts and access to the escalations group. These factors guarantee that you can skip the help desk and access SysGen’s dedicated team members who intimately understand your business’ needs if you face a threat or network issue.  

Security of Financial Data 

Paramount to accounting firms is the security and safety of client data. At SysGen, our cybersecurity strategy leverages three pillars to ensure your business has taken all steps necessary to protect from cyber threats. We employ a people, policy, and technology-centric strategy. We educate your team to recognize and prevent threats, strengthen your processes to evade them, and ensure that your technology operates with the highest standards of protection. These pillars work together to position your accounting firm with the competitive edge of complete client protection and adherence to compliance regulations.  

Seamless Communications & Optimizing Technology Use 

For small accounting firms, it can feel overwhelming to implement new technologies or to change established processes. However, utilizing technology can support increased productivity and efficiency, and even grow revenue. A Deloitte study found that small businesses with higher levels of digital advancement earn two times as much revenue per employee and experience revenue growth nearly four times higher than the previous year.  

While this may seem daunting at first, bear in mind that accounting firms already use applications like Microsoft 365 – just not to their fullest potential. At SysGen, our managed IT services integrate our solutions to your business needs, leverage the applications you use, and support your team to become more efficient and productive. SysGen works to streamline processes by filling knowledge gaps and supporting your accounting firm in increasing efficiency.  

Why Are Managed Services Important for Accountants?

Frequently Asked Questions

SysGen offers flexible solutions customized to the specific needs and challenges that accounting firms face. We know that data security is paramount for accounting firms. This is why we prioritize data security through cybersecurity, backup, and business continuity solutions to ensure you can access client data securely from any device.

With SysGen, you can expect a stable data environment, accessible across devices and locations in a secure manner. SysGen provides your firm with a dedicated team to resolve problems. Our team has a solid foundational knowledge of the challenges specific to accounting firms. 

SysGen not only has a team of experts in IT support and cybersecurity, but we also have a team of digital transformation experts. Our specialists support and enable for digital transformation, recommending and implementing technologies and applications to help streamline business objectives.

With our managed IT services offering, SysGen has a dedicated escalations group that is on call 24/7 in the event of an IT support emergency. Whether your firm is burning the midnight oil during tax season or facing issues during regular hours, SysGen’s escalations group is ready to address any IT emergencies you may encounter.

At SysGen, we use a three-pronged strategy, combining people, policy, and technology to create a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, protecting your most valuable data assets. We focus on educating your team to be aware of security threats while preventing phishing and ransomware attacks. We help you develop policies to monitor system attacks and report incidents continuously. Lastly, SysGen utilizes technologies like anti-ransomware protection, multi-factor authentication, and advanced threat protection to ensure that your data is tightly secured. Our service offerings are designed to test your business for vulnerabilities and strengthen them to ensure you can work with peace of mind.