Our Team

The people behind IT all

Skillset paired with personality is what set us apart.

We do things a little differently

Our team has experience across various industries and IT specialities.

Focusing on each individual customer, their specific needs and immersing ourselves into their firm, we gain a full understanding of their pain points around technology.

SysGen delivers an IT Experience

Access the skillset and capacity of a large IT company with all the perks of a charming internal tech team.

When we start working with you, we’ll assign you a primary and secondary IT specialist, or in some cases, a whole IT team. Your primary specialist is your go-to person, while their supporting team is taking care of your business behind the scenes. This way, if your primary specialist is out of commission for a day, you have additional specialists who already know your business and are ready to step in without missing a beat.

Meet SysGen’s Senior Leadership Team

Lyle Richardet

Founder & CEO

Ryan Richardet


Shane Jordan

Vice President, Service Delivery

Dason Wells

Digital Advisory Group Business Manager

Amber Woodford

Manager, People & Culture

Donovan Volk

Director, Business Development

Izabela Switalska

Financial Controller

Have a growing law firm?

We’ll send you someone who knows this IT environment.

We understand how important fit is, so you’ll not only work with someone who gets your industry, but we do our best to match you with the technician that best fits your company culture.

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