Our Team

The people behind IT all

Skillset paired with personality is what set us apart.

We do things a little differently

Our team has experience across various industries and IT specialities.

Focusing on each individual customer, their specific needs and immersing ourselves into their firm, we gain a full understanding of their pain points around technology.

SysGen delivers an IT Experience

Access the skillset and capacity of a large IT company with all the perks of a charming internal tech team.

When we start working with you, we’ll assign you a primary and secondary IT specialist, or in some cases, a whole IT team. Your primary specialist is your go-to person, while their supporting team is taking care of your business behind the scenes. This way, if your primary specialist is out of commission for a day, you have additional specialists who already know your business and are ready to step in without missing a beat.

Meet SysGen’s Senior Leadership Team

Lyle Richardet

Founder & Chairman

Ryan Richardet

President & CEO

Shane Jordan

Vice President, Service Delivery

Donovan Volk

Director, Business Development

Chris De Marchi

Senior Manager of Client Experience

Amber Woodford

Senior Manager, People & Culture

Dason Wells

Business Manager, Digital Advisory Group

Jeff Phelps

Manager, Business Solutions

Izabela Switalska

Financial Controller

Andrea Hartoyo

Marketing & Communications Manager

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