IT Services for the Manufacturing Industry

IT Services for the Manufacturing Industry

SysGen's manufacturing IT solutions provide support in inventory, product life cycle, supply chain, warehouse management, and more.

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IT Services for the Manufacturing Industry

In today’s manufacturing industry, most manufacturing processes are technology-driven and automated. Experts in the industry rely on data-driven intelligence, supply chain efficiency, and proper infrastructure management to reduce cycle times, boost revenue, and meet product completion deadlines. With the close-knit collaboration between manufacturing processes and technology, comprehensive IT support is essential to safeguard business efficiency and add a competitive edge. At SysGen, our technology experts can help your manufacturing business guarantee high product quality by using up-to-date technology features and processes to meet consumer needs.

SysGen’s Manufacturing IT Solutions

Asset Management & Optimization

Asset management is crucial for efficient manufacturing processes to happen. Our team can provide ongoing evergreen plans to certify that devices are reliable and up-to-date, ensuring asset management is on track. This type of management is available alongside budgeting infrastructure and network refreshes to guarantee long-term stability in the environment. Our team can help automate procedures, monitor, and manage assets and performance in real-time, provide support for vertical-specific applications (such as specific manufacturing software) and optimize your machinery. SysGen can also collaborate with your vendors to provide better process solutions to suit your clients’ needs. Our team can act as a support liaison to make sure the specific manufacturing software from your vendors operates properly for your organization.

Inventory & Order Management

From accepting and oversee orders to managing inventory, simplifying existing manufacturing systems is necessary. Our technology-driven Digital Advisory team can assess your current processes and make imperative changes to minimize costs and save you valuable time. With the help of data-driven intelligence and analytics, our team can provide support for better inventory and order management. As a result, we can streamline your system in a way that is accessible and thorough. Focusing on your business’s needs individually, we can remove daunting barriers and implement a system that engages with suppliers while ensuring peace of mind that your company is running efficiently.

Supply Chain Efficiency

The Digital Advisory team at SysGen can help support driving database efficiencies to better facilitate improved inventory tracking. Automated processes through applications such as Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Power Automate can help mitigate and minimize issues and improve supply chain visibility. We can identify issues and gaps in processes and see that they are addressed for improved efficiency through business process optimization and our strategic assessments of your technology environment.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse is the hive of activity at any manufacturing company. Having an organized labour utilization process, storage optimization, and appropriate strategy implementation is necessary for proper warehouse management. SysGen can support workstations in shops that run proprietary software utilized by manufacturing equipment and maintain reliability and security to ensure production can continue on schedule and as planned. In the warehouse, shop workstations may be exposed to materials (for example steel or sawdust) that can significantly shorten their lifespan. SysGen’s technical experts will assess your assets regularly and can offer solutions and products to prevent prolonged exposure to possible damaging materials.

Field Service Operations

Staff management in the manufacturing industry can be tricky, especially when manual onboarding processes are involved. Automating onboarding processes can save considerable time and costs and increases the efficiency of field service operations. These operations are easy to manage and comprehend, making their implementation seamless and successful. Should staff have questions, they are able to reach out to the provided email and will promptly receive a response. While this system will considerably reduce time compared to the other way of doing things, it’s also a convenience for many business owners.

Our Offerings

Dedicated Technical Resources

At SysGen, we pride ourselves on not offering the standard help desk model. Instead, we provide a dedicated team to support your manufacturing business. We bring you our technical experts that get to know your staff, your equipment, and your company. Our team will collaborate with yours to ensure business goals are achieved while providing a progressive technology environment that can improve your overall capabilities.

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Managed Services can help handle your manufacturing business’ data and information while also ensuring that this data is stored securely. Cloud management can alleviate pain points when it comes to storing your product and inventory data while remaining easily accessible for business operations. We help you manage your costs and have optimum storage for data, information, and product details. The best part is you only pay for what you use! This is not common with all IT services, as some only offer strict data amounts that you must pay for, even if your storage needs do not meet the specifications.

Cybersecurity Services

Manufacturing companies require specialized software and computers that house patented product blueprints or sensitive information, which may be prone to hacking. SysGen’s cybersecurity team can ensure these specialized workstations have a ransomware prevention plan and installed software that can protect your assets. We offer safeguarding options for specific manufacturing programs, intellectual property, trade secrets, and more. Preventing ransomware attacks and securing your data with a more robust security solution will benefit your business while saving costs. Preventing ransomware attacks and securing your data with a more robust security solution will benefit your business, its shareholders, and customers. You will be able to build a reliable reputation as a manufacturing company that cares about its products and its data. It will also act as a preventative measure to save you costs, as ridding your system of malware can be expensive.

Collaboration Optimization

Our team supports remote operations so that they can stay connected. We provide dependable transfer and data information while upholding the ability for remote collaboration. This will help ensure that your manufacturing business can function despite having separate locations. Whether you’re in the office, the warehouse, or the factory, we can help you use the technology you need seamlessly to run your business successfully.

Technology Training

SysGen offers managed services to support both your office and production staff. We offer cybersecurity and operations training to ensure your teams are familiar with the processes, hardware, and software. These training sessions are organized for your staff according to your company’s schedule, and employees can connect with the SysGen team to learn about cybersecurity trends as needed.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Our team offers Digital Transformation Services that work at the intersection of business and technology to ensure rapid returns. Although most companies today go through some kind of digital transformation journey, it can still be a daunting process to start. Our team will support your business’ transition from one type of critical application to another. If your manufacturing company needs a custom-designed process or application, SysGen can offer strategic digital solutions that can be seamlessly integrated across your organization.

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