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Let us manage your IT with our Dedicated IT Support Model®.

We reject call centres!

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We use our Dedicated IT Support Model®.

What sets SysGen Managed IT services apart is a dedicated team committed to understanding your business, your network, your tech stack and your processes. Our Dedicated IT Support Model® is designed to deliver preventative technology solutions – and identify opportunities to give you a competitive and operational edge.

1. Personalized
We immerse ourselves in your business and know your systems and tech stack.

2. Efficient
We pour over past results to deliver future wins. By reviewing the data, we can see what’s working and identify opportunities for improvement. By automating implementations, updates and processes, we can maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Continuity
Because you’re consistently dealing with the same person, you don’t need to re-explain a problem multiple times until you’re blue in the face (a common challenge with call center-based support.

4. Growth Focused
Based on our in-depth understanding of your business, your SysGen Advisor helps you look ahead to ensure your IT solutions are scalable so you have room to grow.

5. Strategic IT
By doing a deep dive into your operations, SysGen helps you fill gaps and identify opportunities to strengthen your network and business systems.

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A proven, personalized approach to IT

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The Benefits of SysGen’s Model

SysGen is revolutionizing the way companies experience IT. We’re replacing the randomness and frustration of call center support with dedicated, assigned technical IT resources.
The result? A consistently more personalized, more proactive and more strategic IT experience tailored to your business needs and opportunities. SysGen’s model allows you to Experience IT Differently.

We assign technicians who immerse themselves in your business.

Most managed IT providers only develop a surface understanding of your business and systems. By digging deeper, we uncover opportunities where IT can actively enable and support your business goals.


We get local, on-the-ground support.

SysGen has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and the Okanagan This allows us to provide rapid onsite service and support where required.


We have proven effective processes and operational maturity.

SysGen’s proven support and escalation processes ensure a seamless experience across all interactions … with personalized service from someone who knows your account inside out.

Experience IT Differently with SysGen.

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Vernon, Kelowna, and the Okanagan.

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