Wi-Fi Survey & Design

Business Wi-Fi is working
harder than ever

Today, the way organizations use Wi-Fi is in constant flux.

Networks that were once used for occasional laptop use in boardrooms or for ad-hoc meetings are now used to support numerous devices.

Technology such as the Microsoft Surface Hub and other mobile video-conferencing solutions are required on a continual basis. And with hybrid work here to stay, employees will continue to connect their devices as they move between home and the office.

That’s where Wi-Fi survey & design comes in. SysGen works with small and medium-sized businesses to improve or expand their Wi-Fi networks, build out new and existing office environments, and aid any organization with substantial wireless needs.


SysGen Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will provide customers with a detailed report of their existing Wi-Fi network, its penetration and coverage of the office or worksite, and ways to improve Wi-Fi access.


For new environments, such as new buildings or new network deployments in existing facilities, such as a new office, SysGen SMEs will provide detailed computer and AI modeled plans designed to optimize the coverage for its intended purpose.

SysGen engages the Ekahau Wi-Fi survey and design toolset,

and our technical staff are specially trained in Wi-Fi survey & design. Ekahau is the leader in the Wi-Fi design and analysis market space and is recommended and used by Cisco, Aruba, Microsoft, Google, NASA, and Netflix, among many others.

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