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Digital Transformation Services

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Digital Transformation Solutions

With technology evolving faster than most people can keep up, businesses must undergo digital transformation to stay competitive. Businesses today face challenges such as the high demands of globalization, increasing budgets, and stakeholder expectations. Business owners may hesitate and delay the digital transformation for their businesses because there is an assumption that a certain level of technical knowledge is required to go through the process. Digital transformation does not have to mean being technologically savvy. However, it does mean implementing new processes and technology to optimize businesses. And it is a journey that needs to be invested in for years. Digital transformation services are the path businesses can take to optimize business which helps guarantee that competitive advantage is retained.

How Digital Transformation Can Save Time & Money

One of the main benefits of digital transformation is its ability to allow businesses to save time and money. Digital transformation solutions can help organizations increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce time spent on tasks, and reduce the number of employees that need to be involved in processes. For example, the onboarding process can be done through automated software instead of needing multiple employees to complete forms and send emails. Optimizing efficiency in operations allows employees to focus on other tasks. By staying up to date with technology, costs will be reduced, processes optimized, and employee skills put to efficient use in other areas. Learn about SysGen’s Digital Advisory offerings below on how to achieve digital transformation for your business.

Our Offerings

Business Analysis

SysGen’s business analysis offering includes strategy and IT assessments, process redesign to ensure organizational goal alignment, process documentation, process improvement, and more. SysGen’s digital transformation experts gather software requirements, provide option evaluation and implementation services for adoption success.

For example, SysGen worked with a client who processed and managed all job applications manually with paper. SysGen determined the processes required could be managed using Microsoft applications including Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, and Power Automate. This business analysis saved the client hundreds of hours per month in manual labour.

Application Support

Through application support, SysGen provides clients with peace of mind for their application maintenance and support needs. Our application management services include application monitoring, service and vendor management, system configuration, application security, and custom report creation. SysGen assists the process of choosing the best applications for your business to operate and conduct requirements analysis for product evaluation to mitigate risks and reduce costs.

For example, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, SysGen technical experts are well-versed in Microsoft products and services. Our team can provide application support for services such as Microsoft Teams, the M365 product suite, and well as Microsoft security products like Authenticator.

Change Management

Change management is arguably the most important part of digital transformation in any organization. The reason is that unless an organization successfully adopts the technology, the investment will go to waste. Not only will employees not use the new technology you’ve invested in, but the efficiencies to be gained from adoption will not be experienced.

What does change management look like? It is a structured process to lead people to the desired outcome. This involves vision, tools, consistent communication, and a review of outcomes to adjust behaviour. Change can be hard and painful. It’s easy to do things the way we’ve always done them. That’s why a consistent plan for how the change will be implemented is necessary for digital transformation.

SysGen Business Analysts work with your organization to implement a change management plan that fits the needs of your company. If that means a process outline for how things should be run by an internal champion or an appointee from SysGen, we assess your company’s current state to ensure the best outcome for you.

Training & Documentation

Technology training across the organization needs to be consistent and sustained. While boot camps at the beginning are useful, refreshers along the way are important too. SysGen provides consistent training to ensure technology adoption is guaranteed within the organization. We also provide the documentation your team needs to ensure they can reference how to engage the technology properly. From training videos to step-by-step processes, we ensure that company employees are well equipped to learn how to fully utilize the technology implemented.

Project Management

SysGen wants your organization to get from where you are to where you want to be in an organized way and within a reasonable timeframe. Our Digital Advisory team contains experienced project managers who guide the process and make sure that all teams stay on track. With a detailed plan and experience guiding numerous digital transformation initiatives, SysGen’s change managers will work to guarantee successful momentum in your digital transformation services project.

Our Process

Our digital transformation services process starts with discovery. SysGen’s Digital Advisory team interviews key stakeholders at your organization to understand the major pain points that must be addressed. We also ask the kinds of questions that make your organization think about what gaps might exist in your organization that could be worked on. With experience working with many SBMs, we are often able to see gaps that might be blind spots for other organizations!

After discovery is complete, we analyze the results and conduct a gap analysis. Where are the biggest areas for improvement? What would move the needle at your organization the most from a technology implementation perspective? Which initiatives would reduce the pain points of your organization the most?

From there, our team builds out a project plan to ensure we achieve what needs to be achieved within the timeframe. Our project managers create a comprehensive plan to get from point A to point B and make sure that it’s realistic for your organization.

As implementation begins, we make sure that all groups are communicated and consulted with along the way for the greatest success in change management. Implementation starts with the technology and processes that will improve the way your organization operates but requires the buy-in of your teams for success to occur. Implementation requires a constant analysis of what’s working and what isn’t and where additional efforts are required to ensure change successfully occurs.

After the project plan has been followed with the technology successfully launched and employee behaviors adjusted to the new processes, SysGen remains open to questions and answers from the organization to guarantee a seamless transition. A change champion or superuser may also be appointed within the organization to act as the go-to contact for support. This allows organizations to continue to adopt the changes organically.

What’s Important in Digital Transformation

Three things are crucial to successful digital transformation at organizations.

The first is honesty about pain points in the organization and working to truly understand what could be improved. Without an objective opinion about what changes would have the biggest impact, the organization may not achieve the outcomes they’re looking for or be as effective in their efforts as possible.

Executive buy-in is another important factor for the success of digital transformation. All executives must be on board for successful change to occur. Without total buy-in, all teams throughout the organization might not experience the intended benefits of the new technology and process changes. Executive buy-in is required for an honest assessment of organizational pain points.

Finally, understanding that digital transformation is a journey rather than a destination is an important mindset to adopt throughout this process and beyond. Along the way, different pain points and areas for improvement will be revealed and it will serve as a competitive advantage to work to continually improve. Using technology to your organization’s advantage will ensure you stay ahead of competitors and on the cutting edge of innovation.

How We Can Help

It is important to note that implementing digital transformation solutions is not a one-time thing. Ideally, it is an ongoing journey so that change occurs gradually over time rather than a start-stop process. The effectiveness of your digital transformation strategy is crucial for a successful transition period. While it can be challenging to start, SysGen’s Digital Transformation experts are here to help your organization plan your digital transformation strategy and go through the transition.

When it comes to the digital transformation journey, the time to start is now. Once leaders decide to embark on the journey, their business can proceed towards a future state of innovation and growth. You can find SysGen’s Digital Advisory services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Vernon, Kelowna, and throughout the Okanagan. Connect with our team about discussing digital transformation solutions for your business today.

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