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Technology should propel your business forward.

Our IT procurement services identify the strategic technology needs of your business.

With over 27 years in the industry, SysGen has perfected the IT experience. Our team conducts market research, assesses your IT needs, and develops technology solutions to procure technologies that will help your business thrive.

We ensure your hardware and software purchases align with your business goals and industry standards for a long-term IT strategy.
Through ordering and purchasing network, server, application, workstation, and print equipment, our IT procurement specialists ensure that your business invests in cost-effective, high-quality IT supplies that can deliver value for your enterprise.

With SysGen’s IT procurement services, we understand your IT infrastructure requirements, manage vendor relationships, and verify quality to ensure a seamless technology experience.

What is IT Procurement?

Procurement is about more than buying software and hardware. Procurement services are critical in optimizing technology for your business with impactful investments in IT. 

IT procurement involves recognizing the unique needs of a business and how technology impacts efficiency and productivity. With Sysgen’s IT procurement services, we emphasize the importance of creating long-term strategies to sustain your business’s technology needs. Our IT procurement specialists will help you determine and purchase the best technology for your needs at the best price.

How Can IT Procurement Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to hardware and software, we’re always keeping up with the newcomers and high performers in the IT industry. We know what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s overpriced. Most importantly, we know your business. By leading technology purchasing and ordering, this IT service connects unmatched expertise with technology partner benefits to drive out costs and enhance efficiency. You can keep your corporate technology running optimally and bring cost savings to your organization with IT procurement services.   

Optimize IT Assets 

Technology procurement is critical to actualizing IT assets and creating a strong environment of hardware, software, and networks for your company to function effectively. Technology is strategically procured to ensure that your business is equipped with the necessary equipment and suggests products suited to meet your business goals. 

Strategic IT Procurement

Our IT procurement specialists will help you determine and purchase the best technology for your needs at the best price. Our expertise and technology partnerships drive out costs and enhance efficiency for your business. 

Leverage Established Vendor Relationships

With IT procurement services, your business won’t have to worry about the changing demand for IT infrastructure. Our IT procurement specialists respond to these changes with agility and maintain relationships with critical vendors and providers to leverage cost savings and economies of scale in procurement.

Hassle-Free Technology Management 

Using IT procurement services means you have worry-free IT technology. We’ll manage your hardware, replace obsolete tech and software, and ensure licenses are always up to date. With IT procurement specialists, we map out your company’s technology future, ensuring that you always have the necessary technology to achieve your business goals.  

Cost-Effective Solutions  

Procurement expertise ensures your business invests in IT procurement, purchasing high-quality, long-lasting solutions rather than short-term products with lower CAPEX. IT specialists look at how you use technology in your business and identify each product’s long-term costs and benefits.

Our IT Procurement Solutions 

Our procurement team assesses your technology needs and user requirements, crafting solutions to ensure your business has the right hardware and software to propel it forward. 

Technology Assessment and Recommendations   

Our procurement process involves our specialists assessing your technology needs to source what your business requires. We identify how technology improves your company by creating cost-effective solutions and improving efficiency in your industry.   

Hardware Procurement  

You’re busy; you shouldn’t worry about replacing outdated technology or tracking down the best price for new technology. Our IT procurement specialists handle the ordering and purchasing of a network, server, application, workstation, and print equipment. We manage and anticipate your technology needs for a stress-free procurement process.   

Our team monitors the health of your laptops, phones, servers, and workstations to provide solutions and actions for the long-term health of your technology. We’ll ensure your technology is up-to-date and optimized for productivity and efficiency.  

Software Procurement and Management

When it comes to software, we’ll ensure you’re always current on licensing and internal updates. Keep your corporate technology running optimally and bring cost savings to your organization with IT procurement services with our software management.   

Our IT procurement specialists keep an eye on your software licensing. We ensure you pay for what your business needs and manage how software is installed, ensuring it’s always the correct version. We work to understand how your business uses software to ensure those who need it have access to manage your workflows and the company’s data efficiently.  

Vendor Management  

At SysGen, we’ve partnered with the best in the industry and work hard to build and maintain relationships with Microsoft, Datto, Cisco, Lenovo, and more. We’ll negotiate procurement contraction, so you’ll always get the best pricing and have access to critical technology. SysGen has developed long-standing relationships with key industry disruptors, which allows us to offer your business competitive pricing with our IT services to manage all your IT needs.

Why SysGen?









SysGen technicians are not compensated for sales or recommendations, meaning we are in no way incentivized to sell you certain products or software. Instead, our technicians are incentivized to deliver fast, reliable, proactive IT solutions. We have your company’s interests in mind first, so we have no problem referring you to companies we are not partnered with to meet your unique business needs, environment, or budget. 


When we start working with you, we’ll assign you a primary and secondary IT specialist, or in some cases, a whole IT team. Your team learns the ins and outs of your enterprise, so your tech will always align with your business goals. SysGen maintains the highest service standards by empowering staff with responsibility and authority and supporting their professional development and career goals.


SysGen has been recognized nationally and internationally for our IT services and the exceptional culture we’ve built to deliver results. Our recognition as a company reflects the dedication of our employees, the continuous investment in our business model, and the support from our clients and technology partners.

Founded in 1995  

With more than 27 years in business (and counting!), we have proven experience supporting organizations in Western Canada.  

Established Partnerships  

SysGen’s IT procurement services manage technology purchasing and ordering with unmatched expertise and technology partner benefits.  When we craft technology solutions, we have your business interests at the forefront. We drive out costs and enhance efficiency to meet your unique business needs, environment, or budget.  

We are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, Lenovo Gold Partner, and Cisco Premier Partner. We work tirelessly to maintain and build vendor relationships to deliver the best technology to your business.

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