IT Services for Nonprofits & Charities

IT Services for Nonprofits & Charities

SysGen is proud to provide managed IT solutions for charities and non-profits. Focus on what matters. Get your IT handled by the experts.

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IT Support for Charities & Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations and charities form the backbone of a vibrant and prosperous community. SysGen is proud to support numerous charities across our communities in Western Canada with managed IT services. We understand that budgets are tight, expectations are high, stakeholders are numerous, and the importance of delivering impactful results are all realities that non-profits experience. SysGen teams are well versed in providing IT support for charities in achieving their missions through innovative technology solutions. We exclusively offer a fixed-rate contract, so that surprises don’t arise and negatively impact your operating budget. Our procurement team also has access to non-profit pricing for services like Microsoft 365, so your organization can focus its funds on achieving its purpose. SysGen’s personalized approach to managed IT services provides an assigned technical team who gets to know your business inside and out. They learn how your business works, and how your team operates best.

SysGen’s Nonprofit IT Services

Enhanced Collaboration:

SysGen understands the importance of collaboration for organizations to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to ensure that collaboration is a seamless experience at their associations. Galvanizing technology such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint enables teams to maximize the work they get done together. It is not just about installing the technology, but also about developing the framework to keep data organized within teams and the organization. SysGen has the skills and experience to enhance this experience for you.

Improved User Experience:

SysGen’s initial task when working with any non-profit organization is to complete an IT assessment. We consider questions like what is working from a technology standpoint and what requires improvement? What changes would have the most significant impact on your organization for productivity and innovation? Our virtual IT manager and technical account executives complete a deep dive into your technology, including hardware and software solutions, to see what improvements can be made over time.

Reduced Risk:

With cybersecurity technology, policies, and training that create a comprehensive cybersecurity approach, SysGen can reduce security risks in charities. Without a dedicated cybersecurity approach and professionals, it’s easy for cybersecurity principles to fall to the wayside, leading to increased risks of a hack. SysGen has a trained team of security services specialists available to provide guidance and knowledge on computer security best practices.

Process Improvement:

Technology can transform manual processes into digital ones, utilizing software and AI to streamline cumbersome and complicated procedures. With SysGen’s strategic IT services for nonprofits, our team endeavours to understand the business’s end goal and works backward, streamlining steps to free up employees for other tasks.

Streamline Productivity:

Technology enables increased productivity through collaboration, file sharing, and purpose-built software. For example, Microsoft Teams enables easy communication and collaboration on the go. File sharing is seamless through SharePoint. Finally, software like Microsoft Forms enables an easy way to collect important information in a standardized way. Non-profit organizations can reap the benefits of increased productivity by understanding how technology can be adopted into their organization.

Our Offerings

Dedicated Technical Resources

SysGen differs from other managed IT services providers because we provide a dedicated team to support your non-profit rather than a help desk. We supply your organization with a technical team that gets to know your business deeply, and that gets to know you by your first name. They understand your organization’s goals and technology environment so that the experience is strategic. No more anonymity! SysGen’s IT support for charities is committed to your unique cause.

Cloud Management

Cloud services are a great option for non-profit organizations because the hardware and software within the cloud environment are managed for you, rather than requiring a significant capital expenditure for a server or additional team member to keep it up-to-date. Your non-profit is responsible for a monthly cost, and should not be worrying about keeping their cloud technology current.

Cybersecurity Services

The increase in cybersecurity incidents against small and medium-sized organizations has been on the rise, especially since the pandemic where many employees began working from home. SysGen’s cybersecurity services focus is on people, policy, and technology. The people tactic ensures that employees are trained with the knowledge to prevent attacks. Policy guarantees your organization has the framework to ensure cybersecurity measures work. Lastly, technology is the software that does the utmost to protect your data.

Collaboration Optimization

Working together can easily result in huge productivity gains. It also means innovation can happen more quickly and to a great extent – even while working remotely. Using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint make collaboration possible across various distances. Non-profits may work with several vendors or have employees located in different cities, and with Microsoft tools, it’s easy to collaborate.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Adopting a digital-first mindset enables charities to save time and money. It may seem overwhelming to continually pursue technological innovation, but it can help non-profits stay on the cutting edge and achieve their missions faster. SysGen has a dedicated digital transformation services team that works with not-for-profits to integrate a digital transformation mindset across the organization.

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