MDM System

The world has gone mobile.

Ensure safety measures are in place to keep data secure.

Experience the accessibility and freedom

that mobile technology offers with all the security and control of an office desktop.

There was a time when going mobile meant relinquishing control and weakening your data security.

For example, when a company mobile phone gets stolen, sensitive company data is instantly exposed. Or if employees are taking mobile devices home, what’s to say they won’t stream movies on the weekends and install software viruses?

Mobile Device Management

takes all the risk out of going mobile.

When that phone gets stolen, we have the controls on our end and can immediately wipe all the data off the phone before it gets into another user’s hands.

With Mobile Device Management, we program remote functions and policies, so whether you have two company devices in the city or 20 across the country, your data is safe and fully under your control at all times.

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