Managed IT Services

SysGen provides Managed IT Services & Support designed to protect and grow your business.


IT is a major part of your business, and believe it or not, mismanaged IT means inefficient operations and missed business opportunities.

This is why everything we do on the IT side of things is designed to strengthen your business as a whole.

As your managed services provider, we provide maintenance, assessments, and optimization to ensure that your IT is supporting the rest of your business to the best of its ability.


SysGen’s ESS security services take a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, optimizing people, policy and technology to protect your business from cyber threats. Our strategy finds existing gaps to prevent security breaches that keep your business safe and secure.


Managed cloud services ensure data and information are protected and stored optimally for business operations, automating backups so you’ll never have to worry about losing data. The best benefit of clouds is it allows you to work anywhere, at any time. Atmosphere, our cloud-managed service, controls and supports the migration, maintenance, and optimization of your data in the cloud.

Backup & Business Continuity

Data is one of the most important assets a company has. SysGen’s business continuity offering starts with the implementation of policies and procedures, a knowledgeable technician to ensure backups are running smoothly, an infrastructure expert to guarantee the backup strategy is right for you, and an escalation process that ensures urgent data issues are dealt.


Our procurement team has unmatched expertise and coupled with technology partner benefits we’re able to drive out costs and enhance efficiency. Our IT procurement specialists will help you determine and purchase the best technology for your needs, at the best price. Keep your corporate technology running optimally and bring cost savings to your organization with IT procurement services.

IT Consulting 

IT is such a significant part of your business and requires planning, strategy and careful infrastructure management in order for your business to truly thrive. SysGen’s strategic planning gives you peace of mind that your technology works for your business making it safer, stronger, and more efficient.

IT Infrastructure 

When we assess your IT infrastructure, we look at every area of your business. At SysGen we believe that even though an aspect of your business may not currently be affected by IT, there may be a chance it could be optimized by it.

Microsoft 365 Solutions 

We can optimize Microsoft for your business, from Azure for security and compliance to teams for flexible modernization, bringing your business into the modern workplace, we’ve got you covered.

Collaboration Solutions 

At SysGen we believe that the hybrid workplace is here to stay, to realize the modern workplace we work to create a seamless hybrid environment, rooted in teamwork and collaboration.

Benefits of Managed Service Providers

Receive a Dedicated Technician.

Unlike your typical IT firm, you don’t have to deal with a different name every time you need support, and you’ll get the same person every time to provide technical support.

24X7 Real Time Alerts and Monthly Reports.

Receive constant network monitoring and opportunities for operational efficiency. Health checks ensure continuous uptime.

Security Assurance.

Reduce risk with baseline security scanning to detect security holes, data backup verification and continuous virus monitoring.

Preventative Maintenance.

IT services & support deliver up-to-date security patches for desktops and servers and comprehensive server health reports.

Our Partners

When technology projects require product support, SysGen proudly offers only premium products. Some of our distinguished partners include Lenovo, Cisco, Datto, Microsoft, VMWare, Malwarebytes, HP, Eaton, Dell and Nimble.

Why SysGen?

Award Winning

SysGen has been recognized nationally and internationally for our Managed IT services and the exceptional culture we’ve built to deliver results. 


We want to bring accountability back to IT, which is why our Managed IT support & services operate on a flat fee. We’re incentivized to get things done right the first time, which results in quick and effective resolutions for our clients.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Everything we do on the IT side of things is designed to strengthen your business as a whole, we develop technology solutions that cater to the specific needs of your business.

Who Needs Managed IT Services?

Today, all businesses leverage technology and data. Using a managed services provider for IT support ensures your business is optimized. Managed IT services benefit businesses of all industries, including legal, medical, accounting, manufacturing and even charities. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to benefit from the expertise of a managed IT provider.

Organizations with Limited Resources

An in-house IT department can be stretched thin and often does not have the resources to optimize technology for your business. With a managed service provider, your business can leverage expertise and skills while opting for cost-effective network management, procurement and IT management solutions. 

Organizations Looking to Grow and Optimize Technology

Your business is growing, and with this, you’ll need reliable IT support to help you accelerate smoothly. You won’t have to worry about your security or technology and can count on round-the-clock support.

Companies That Are Looking to Focus on Their Core Business Operations

Using a managed IT provider delegates your IT needs to trusted experts who know how IT helps you do better business. With managed IT support, you can focus on your business goals with peace of mind that your technology needs are handled. 

Ready to Experience IT?

Our team will create a tailored solution so you can start achieving your business goals.