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Managed IT Services & Support designed to protect and grow your business in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer , Vernon , Kelowna, Sicamous & Salmon Arm.

IT Services & Support are not an isolated facet of your business.

How much forethought, planning, and research go into your IT services & support decisions?

Does your current IT strategy consist of calling a helpdesk or your internal IT guy whenever there’s a technical issue?

Important parts of your business require proper IT management.

There’s a reason companies have financial officers and operations managers.

Inefficient operations and unproductive staff. These are costly to a business. IT is a major part of your business, and believe it or not, mismanaged IT means inefficient operations and missed business opportunities. This is why everything we do on the IT side of things is designed to strengthen your business as a whole. Services include cloud, cybersecurity, technology consulting, backup & business continuity and procurement.

SysGen Managed IT Services & Support include

maintenance, assessments, and optimization.

Ultimately, we ensure that your IT is supporting the rest of your business to the best of its ability. Our Managed IT Services & Support are offered at a flat rate, and include 24/7 monitoring in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, and ongoing opportunities within your IT infrastructure.

How does it all work?

With our Managed IT Services & Support, you receive a dedicated IT manager to operate where and when you need them.

Unlike your typical IT firm, you don’t have to deal with a different name every time you need support. When you have an issue or need IT support, you’ll get the same person every time. And not just any person. We look at both technical and cultural fit when matching you up with you primary IT specialist, so your go-to guy will know your business, have experience in your industry, and be a breeze to get along with.

Features and Benefits

24X7 Real Time Alerts and Monthly Reports.

Receive constant monitoring and opportunities for operational efficiency. Health checks ensure continuous uptime.

Preventative Maintenance.

IT services & support deliver up-to-date security patches for desktops and servers and comprehensive server health reports.

Security Assurance.

Reduce risk with baseline security scanning to detect security holes, data backup verification and continuous virus monitoring.

Asset Management.

IT services & support provide valuable asset-based control, warranty status information, and identification of unauthorized software.

Periodical Business Reviews.

We’ll do consistent temperature checks to ensure what we’re doing is in alignment with your business goals.


SysGen guarantees instant access to a team of specialized technical experts to quickly resolve network issues.

Service Level Agreement.

Our promise to you. This comprehensive report outlines SysGen’s commitment to service excellence.

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