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SysGen’s Storage Solutions Are Fully Scalable

You’ll never have to worry about paying for unused storage or losing data due to needing more space with SysGen’s data storage solutions.

Whether cloud-based or on-premises, we ensure your data is stored according to your business needs.

Trust our team to handle your information with care by guarding it against corruption, ensuring it’s secure from breaches, and keeping it organized so it’s easily accessible.

Completely Custom Storage Solutions

We’re incentivized to find the right storage solutions for your organization, whether an enterprise data storage system or a smaller-scale on-premises server, and anything in between. We’ll create a tailor-made data storage solution customized to your unique business needs.

Leveraging the best-in-class technology, SysGen will provide your company will a fully scalable, flexible, and adaptable solution that optimizes data storage while maintaining the highest levels of security.  

A vital benefit of a custom storage solution is it is fully scalable. By creating tailor-made options, we can design the infrastructure to quickly grow and adapt as your business needs evolve. 

Whether you’re a local business with minor storage needs or need an enterprise requiring high-calibre storage solutions, a custom option can be optimized to handle the increasing demands, ensuring seamless operations, and mitigating the risk of outgrowing the infrastructure.

Additionally, custom storage creates a greater ability to prioritize data security and privacy.  At SysGen, we can implement robust security policies to protect your business’s data.

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud-based storage systems use cloud-computing technology to migrate your data, information and digital resources to the cloud. These solutions emphasize scalability and flexibility without compromising security. Users can access files anywhere with an internet connection, making creating a hybrid work environment a seamless transition, where employees can foster collaboration between teams with real-time collaboration.

Cloud storage solutions are highly scalable, operating on a pay-per-usage model. Cloud storage is cost-effective as you only pay for what you need, and you can shrink or grow your storage capabilities to fit your needs.  

This option also allows you to offload the burden of hardware and maintenance costs. Cloud storage systems are managed by a third party responsible and accountable for the security and safety of your data and for ensuring you are always running on uptime.

With cloud-based storage, you can harness numerous full benefits that will help you to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and achieve cost efficiency. Connect with SysGen to learn if a cloud solution is optimal for your business.

On-Premise Storage

While cloud migration is a popular choice among businesses, on-premises storage solutions are still highly effective.

What differentiates on-premises storage solutions from cloud computing is the ability to retain full control over your data center.  This advantage may play a major role in determining the option you choose for your organization.

On-premises storage means data control is retained at your physical business location, meaning you have access to your server. This is often necessary for companies dealing with sensitive data.

With on-premises storage systems, there are higher capital costs for hardware input and long-term maintenance. However, these are predictable and stable, which can be an added benefit for managing your IT budget over time.

On-premises storage solutions, like cloud storage, come with a list of benefits. What is most critical is seeking out expert advice to not only determine the appropriate solution type, but also determining how the solution can be further fully customized to your unique business needs.

Guard Your Data Against Corruption and Breaches

The cost of a data center breach extends beyond the financial implications, from reputational damage to lost trust. The risks of not having a robust disaster recovery and security plan can be detrimental to businesses.  

With fully customizable data storage solutions, we can prioritize security to ensure that your data is safe and protected. 

How to Protect Your Data:

How to Keep Your Data Organized and Accessible

Having your data safe and secure is paramount. But optimizing your data storage solution means also having your business data organized and accessible for efficiency. 

With cloud storage solutions, this is achieved through:

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