Integrate Microsoft Teams Into Your IT Infrastructure

Implement Microsoft Teams
and watch productivity skyrocket. See why Teams is Microsoft's fastest growing application in history.

Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing

the way teams work.

Not only does it make teamwork easier through chat and video-conferencing, but the integration of hundreds of productivity applications as well as the full Office 365 office suite makes your work better and faster.


SOURCE: Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Teams

4 hours per week saved

through improved collaboration and information sharing

$4,500 saved per employee

in productivity

18.9% reduction

in meetings each week

17.7% improvement

of time-to-decision made by decision-makers

<6 months

payback period

150 trips

average number of overnight trips replaced with online meetings by Year 3

Full adoption of new technology throughout an organization is difficult.

We know this from over 25 years of experience onboarding clients to new applications. Some colleagues are
tech-savvy and find it easy to switch to a new product, while others can’t seem to understand where to begin.
This results in poor adoption throughout the organization with a small segment of the workforce using the
full capabilities of the application, while others either use it infrequently or not at all.

This is where SysGen comes in…

Our Digital Advisory team is not just about installing the technology and leaving your workplace to figure out how to use it.

We offer end-to-end deployment of Microsoft Teams

as well as full training for your team to ensure that everyone is fully utilizing the application.

The result?

SysGen’s Digital Advisory team helps your organization to drive complete adoption so that your investment is fully realized. We implement change management practices to guarantee that adoption is sticky and that users can’t dream of any other way of doing their work and collaborating.

What will it look like to work with SysGen’s Digital Advisory team to

activate and deploy Microsoft Teams?

  • Business Analysis, Needs Assessment and Deployment Strategy
  • Change Management, Adoption Planning, Organizational Readiness Assessment and Communication Plan
  • Technical configuration of the Teams tenant settings, including security and deployment settings
  • Creation of an additional MS Team for Adoption and Training Hub
  • Live webinar, including Q&A and an additional session with Power Users/Business Champions to dive into deeper functionality
  • Deployment of Department/Project teams with custom channels

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