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Virtualization is not cloud computing

Virtualization and cloud computing are often used interchangeably. However, the two are entirely different technologies. Here’s a breakdown on virtualization vs. cloud computing to help you understand how the technologies differ: What is virtualization? Virtualization is software that separates physical infrastructure (servers, workstations, storage, etc.) from computing environments to create virtual IT assets. Virtualization enables

Five law firm IT trends

Law firms are in a unique place when it comes to IT trends. Lawyers deal with large amounts of incoming and outgoing documents and require an efficient system to keep up with hefty workloads. At the same time, it is paramount that all information is kept organized, confidential, and secure. These five IT trends ensure

How the IoT profits global industries

From wearable biosensors to smart engines, global industries are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to make data profitable. The IoT intersects virtual and physical worlds through connected devices, bringing an entirely new way of doing business. Collecting data through smart equipment opens the door to machine optimization, which leads to better performance, lower costs,

Case study: reducing operational expenses by 50%

COMPLEX BEGINNINGS An international oilfield service company with 1,000 employees and offices spanning all the way from Canada to the Middle East came to SysGen looking to optimize its IT environment. The organization had concerns over the cost and complexity of its IT infrastructure setup. Working alongside the oilfield service provider, SysGen performed an IT

Pros and cons of cloud vs in-house backup

If you’re looking at a backup device for your organization, the most important question to ask is whether cloud vs in-house backup will meet corporate needs. It’s also equally as vital to understand the difference between enterprise and personal backup systems. When any organization begins to look at a backup solution for business, it must
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