Top SME 2022

CALGARY, Alberta – SysGen, one of Western Canada’s leading Managed IT Providers, has been recognized as a Top 100 Small and Medium Enterprise Employer in Canada for 2022. This is the fourth time SysGen has been recognized as a top SME employer by Mediacorp. SysGen received this award after a thorough employee experience and workplace review by Mediacorp. Canada Inc., the organizers of the annual Canada’s Top Employers project. Employers across the country are evaluated on eight criteria including:

– Physical workplace
– Work atmosphere and social
– Health, financial, and family benefits
– Vacation and time off
– Employee communications
– Performance management
– Training and skills development
– Community involvement

Employers in the same field are compared by Mediacorp’s editors to determine which ones offer the best workplaces and forward-thinking human resource policies. Positive employment growth is also a factor in determining winners as are unique employer initiatives.

In particular, SysGen was recognized for providing a variety of alternative working options including compressed workweeks, flexible hours, and telecommuting. Additionally, SysGen quickly moved employees to work-from-home arrangements early in the pandemic and established safety and mitigation protocols for onsite work – along with coverage for car rental costs when needed to come to the office. SysGen also supports employee development with tuition subsidies for courses related and indirectly related to their current position, as well as in-house and online training programs are offered.

“Creating a great employee experience is paramount to ensuring a strong culture where SysGeners can feel good doing great things,” says Ryan Richardet, President of SysGen. “Through the pandemic, we successfully adapted to a virtual world through harnessing technology for meetings, collaboration, and social events. We’re excited to evolve beyond the pandemic with a hybrid strategy through fun in-person events and collaboration opportunities while retaining the virtual habits we’ve established through the past two years.”

“Small and medium employers have the advantage of adaptability,” says Kristina Leung, Senior Editor at Mediacorp. “They are independent and have always served as a ‘laboratory’ for the kinds of best practices we eventually see at larger employers. As new ways of working emerge, such as the growing interest in hybrid work arrangements, smaller employers have the flexibility to experiment and come up with solutions that work for everyone.”

“Early in the pandemic, smaller employers were able to respond to employees’ needs quickly and with agility,” says Anthony Meehan, Publisher at Mediacorp. “Today, the new realities for employers include shortages across almost every sector, which has been made more acute by other employers offering remote work from further afield. Once again, small, and medium employers are responding with agility by adopting many of the benefits previously seen only at larger, more established organizations.”

Please view the detailed reasons for selection for each of the winners via the competition homepage.