IT Services IT Solutions IT Support Calgary & Edmonton & Red Deer REDUCE operational expensesAn international oilfield service company with 1,000 employees and offices spanning all the way from Canada to the Middle East came to SysGen looking to optimize its IT environment and reduce operational expenses. The organization had concerns over the cost and complexity of its IT infrastructure setup.

Working alongside the oilfield service provider, SysGen performed an IT infrastructure review to pull diagnostics on all technology in the environment. The results of the audit revealed inadequate enterprise technology, redundant hardware usage, and worst of all, failing backups.

By bringing in senior technical experts and the best technology solutions, SysGen reduced this oilfield service provider’s IT operational expenses by 50% year over year!


SysGen’s first task was to reduce the complexity of the environment. The original setup had three data centers located in three different countries performing redundant tasks, forcing the business to take on additional costs with no benefit.

SysGen was able to consolidate three data centers into one by running numerous virtual machines in a single server environment. By identifying the benefits of virtualization for this client, SysGen created a unified global user experience, and greatly reduced the oilfield service provider’s hardware, maintenance, and data center rental costs.


After bringing virtualization benefits to the environment, SysGen quickly implemented a hybrid-cloud business continuity solution with on-demand cloud disaster recovery to replace the failing backup system. The original solution had never performed a validated backup and was file-based, meaning it provided no business continuity for the organization in the case of error or emergency.

The newly implemented hybrid-cloud solution meant verified backups of all data and applications, as well as storage of data in-house and in the cloud for high availability and redundancy. By implementing an enterprise-level backup and business continuity solution, this client no longer has to worry about losing key corporate data or downtime.

SysGen’s IT infrastructure review also identified an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) private Internet as a solution that could easily be replaced to bring cost savings with the same secure internet access. SysGen implemented VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) over public Internet to create private Internet access without the hefty cost.


SysGen’s senior technical experts met IT environment challenges with top technologies to reduce the client’s operational expenses. By embracing virtualization benefits and capturing high availability and redundancy with a hybrid-cloud backup and VPN, SysGen reduce

TPersonal Finance REDUCE operational expenses hrough SysGen’s in-depth assessment of its IT setup, this oilfield service company gained a greater understanding of the role its technology plays in d this client’s IT spend by 50% year over year.

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