Technology is a key success factor for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). IT can expedite results, optimize workflows, and enhance expertise. With an abundance of ways to engage technology in your business growth, here are three tips your SMB will want to embrace:

Outsource Appropriately

As growing SMBs, leverage expertise and efficiency of IT services. Outsourcing IT to gain senior and specialized expertise is a sure way to enhance the project completion timelines and keep costs down. It can be expensive to retain in-house experts and an entire IT department. Rather than taking on more overhead with salaries, bonuses, severance, etc. with an internal IT department, outsource IT to maximize agility and remove risk.

Secure Data

77% of data breaches happen at companies with less than 1000 employees and cost an average of $50,000 per incident. With companies using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, basic anti-virus software simply isn’t enough anymore. An all-in-one anti-virus solution is required for companies to protect themselves against malware. A centralized software with real-time and mobile protection is crucial to keeping your business safe.

Embrace Enterprise

One of the best choices to make for your SMB’s network is choosing business-grade over consumer-grade technology. Business-grade products have commercial-appropriate features and applications while consumer-grade technology (found at your local retail store) isn’t meant to connect to a network or for high usage. It’s worth investing in business-grade products that can handle the day-to-day operations and volume of your business.

Outsourcing, anti-virus, and enterprise technology are three key technologies that will help your SMB accelerate its growth. Contact our team to learn more about how to leverage technology to support your growing business.

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Ryan Richardet

President, CEO

Ryan Richardet is the President of SysGen Solutions Group and is the Chair of Datto's Advisory Board; supporting growth by providing strategic advice based on his experience as an owner of a large IT services provider in Western Canada. Ryan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Royal Roads University (2016) and a Bachelor of Biological Science with Distinction from the University of Calgary (2008).