When CryptoLocker Attacks
When CryptoLocker attacks, protect your data & business

SysGen IT services and Kaspersky security solutions keep your business-critical data and network safe, even in the face of CryptoLocker. Together, SysGen & Kaspersky prevent, protect and enable you to instantly reclaim information and systems so business operations can return to normal in the instance of ransomware.

Secure your data

The number one action that all companies should take to protect themselves when CryptoLocker attacks is using an all-encompassing security solution. Not all security is created equal. A total security solution covers the gaps in network security caused by different endpoint devices. Simple malware and firewall software don’t pass security requirements and simply aren’t enough for businesses today.

Safeguard your business

IT security is about more than safeguarding files. It’s about protecting your business, ensuring you can continue operations, and minimizing costs when CryptoLocker hits. When ransomware strikes, it’s an all-encompassing solution that keeps day-to-day business-critical technology and operations running.

At SysGen, we recognize that small to mid-sized businesses are just as reliant on their data and systems as large corporations but may not have comparable budgets to protect them. We specialize in tailoring security solutions and can help determine the protection you need in a way that works for you.

You’re safe with SysGen & Kaspersky

When it comes to CryptoLocker, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn how to protect your business and data from disasters.

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Headshot of Michael Silbernagel

Michael Silbernagel, BSc, CCSP, CISSP

Senior Security Analyst

Michael is a lifelong technology enthusiast with over 20 years of industry experience working in the public and private sectors. As the Senior Security Analyst, Michael leads the cybersecurity consulting and incident response (CSIRT) teams at SysGen; he is the creator of SysGen’s Enhanced Security Services (ESS), our holistic and comprehensive cybersecurity offering that focuses on people, technology, policy, and process.