Nowadays, companies must report data breaches to customers and the government. This way, they can warn other companies of the threat and potential threats that may occur to others. By ensuring that employees know cybersecurity best practises, will help to stop a data breach from happening at your organization. It’s easier for a hacker to infiltrate private company data than you think! Watch the video below for more information.

Watch this hacker break into a company

Watch this hacker break into a company


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Headshot of Michael Silbernagel

Michael Silbernagel, BSc, CCSP, CISSP

Senior Security Analyst

Michael is a lifelong technology enthusiast with over 20 years of industry experience working in the public and private sectors. As the Senior Security Analyst, Michael leads the cybersecurity consulting and incident response (CSIRT) teams at SysGen; he is the creator of SysGen’s Enhanced Security Services (ESS), our holistic and comprehensive cybersecurity offering that focuses on people, technology, policy, and process.