As 2015 starts to wind down, we reflect on our top moments at SysGen Solutions Group. This year, we gave our community a hand up, launched an all-new rewards program, and celebrated our 20th anniversary. Here’s the countdown to SysGen’s top five moments in 2015:



2013 marked the Southern Alberta flood and 2014 brought the Calgary underground electrical fire. Now, what’s headed our way? We decided to host a breakfast & learn to avoid finding out. SysGen joined forces with Datto, a leading provider of backup and business continuity, and Paratus Education, a leadership expert, to bring corporate leaders to the table to turn our learnings from recent natural disasters into action.

We had many insights into downtime and disasters, bringing scary facts to the surface, such as natural disasters account for only 10% of downtime. It’s human error and network outages that cause 90% of downtime. Turns out we employees are the main culprit in many business catastrophes!

Then we learned that we can’t lead from behind. Downtime doesn’t just affect your technology, it affects your entire business and your employees. People need to be led, so set your objectives, build relationships with your coworkers and stakeholders, choose what risks to take, and base decisions on evidence.



Last month, we launched an all-new SysGen Referral Rewards program. Our new program brings even more exciting opportunities for you to partake in.

If you’re an existing SysGen customer, and you have someone you’d like to recommend to us, you can win SysGen Referral Rewards. If your referral signs up for SysGen Managed Services, you can see a hockey game live, have a hosted lunch with 20 of your colleagues, or family night at the IMAX with snacks – on us! All you have to do is fill out a submission form with your referral’s name and contact information to win one of three exciting opportunities!

We hope you take part in our all-new rewards program and take the opportunity to see a hockey game, movie, or have lunch with colleagues on SysGen.


SysGen Named CDN Top 100 Solution Provider countdown

This year SysGen really brought home the trophies! We were lucky enough to be recognized as a premier employer, a company with leading growth, and a top solution provider – nationally and internationally.

In 2015, SysGen was recognized as a 2016 Canada Top 100 Employer finalist by MediaCorp, one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada by PROFIT 500 for the third consecutive year, a top managed service provider on the 2015 Global MSPmentor 501, and a premier IT consultant in Canada on the 2014 CDN Top 100 Solutions Provider.

These achievements are thanks to all of the entrepreneurial contributions of SysGen’s supporters – employees, partners, and clients. We couldn’t have done it without you!



In 2015, we launched SysGen Cares, the first branded community sponsorship program of its kind. SysGen Cares was born out of our commitment to supporting local communities and a recognition of not-for-profits’ greater need for support during the current economic downturn.

In celebration of the launch of the new community sponsorship program, SysGen Cares unveiled an opportunity for local not-for-profits to apply for IT support for a two-year term at no cost, as well as the dedication of SysGen employee fundraising. We received some amazing applications from local non-profits and are eager to announce our new community partner in early 2016!

Stay tuned for our announcement on our new community partner!



It’s hard to believe, but we’ve already been around for 20 years!

We decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary with a feature in Business in Calgary. In the feature, SysGen Founder, President & CEO, Lyle Richardet shares the company’s beginnings and how we’ve grown into the organization we are today.

In the early days of SysGen, Lyle ran SysGen from his home office. Today, we’ve grown to nearly 50 employees with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. “SysGen’s secret sauce has been our personalized approach to the service experience,” says Lyle. “In addition, we’ve adapted our offerings to keep pace with industry trends. We can manage everything from the desktop to the client’s budget.”

At the same time, SysGen’s homegrown roots and people-first approach have helped preserve our down-to-earth qualities. “We’ll always be about excellent customer service, strong relationships and dynamic entrepreneurialism,” says Lyle. “As much as technology may change, that will not.”

That’s a wrap for our countdown to SysGen’s top five moments in 2015! The past year has proven prosperous and our growth can only be attributed to support from our clients, partners, employees, and community. We wish everyone a happy holiday season and all the best in 2016!

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