SysGen employee donations to Fort McMurray fire relief make a big impact with SysGen Cares & Government matching

On Sunday, May 1, 2016, wildfire broke out in Fort McMurray, Alberta. What was at first a small bushfire quickly burst into an inferno, spanning over thousands of hectares of land and destroying more than 1,600 offices and homes. The 2016 Fort McMurray fire quickly became one of the greatest natural disasters Canada has ever seen.

The severe wildfire led to the evacuations of over 88,000 residents from their homes. Fort McMurrians were forced to leave their homes with whatever belongings they could quickly gather. Some were not even able to return to their homes, having to leave all of their worldly belongings behind.

The magnitude of the Fort McMurray fire struck very close to home for SysGen. SysGen employees could not help but be compelled to help fellow Albertans in a time of such great need.

Staff quickly jumped in to help, launching a fundraising campaign for the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal. One employee donation quickly turned into four, eight, and then 32 donations from fellow SysGen staff. Altogether, 32 employees mustered up $1,540 in less than 24 hours to support the Fort McMurray community.

“Each and every SysGen employee knows someone affected by the fire. We all want to help, and fundraising is the first step in supporting our neighbours in Fort McMurray.”

Bill Dapp / Technical Account Executive, SysGen Solutions Group

SysGen Cares took employees’ generous efforts to the next level, matching all employee donations to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal. By matching employee donations, SysGen Cares brought the total donation to $3,080.

SysGen’s community efforts go even further with the Alberta Government and Federal Government matching Red Cross donations for Fort McMurray fire relief. With government matching, SysGen’s total donations come to a grand total of $9,240!

“It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we all band together. We’re dedicated to supporting Fort McMurray, and will help in any and every way we can.”

Lyle Richardet / President & CEO, SysGen Solutions Group