cloud expert

Meet Ryan; he’s a Senior Solutions Professional at SysGen Solutions Group. Ryan is a cloud expert in delivering the SysGen Atmosphere cloud services and the SysGen Experience. We recently met up with SysGen’s cloud expert to get his take on how the technology is shaping the way businesses work. Read on to gain insight into the cloud with Ryan’s Q & A.

What is the cloud, according to a cloud expert?

The cloud is the Internet. When the Internet first came about, the cloud originally meant connecting things. Since then, it has taken on more meaning. The cloud isn’t just connecting to the Internet, it’s connecting to Internet services such as email and data services.

What makes the cloud fascinating?

The cloud started as soon as the Internet developed. At first, the Internet meant slow dial-up just to download a single web page. Now, the connection and speed of the internet has increased a hundredfold.

With the dramatically increased communication power and speed of the Internet, our phones have become computers, and now we’re hooked to being online. The cloud means being able to gain access to services on something we’re already constantly connected to – that’s exciting.

Why shouldn’t we be afraid of the cloud?

The cloud is inevitable. Chances are you’re already using the technology and just don’t know it. If you get an email from work on your phone, you’re already using the cloud.

People fear what they don’t understand. Hiring someone you trust to advise your business on the cloud is a great way to reduce fear. Cloud experts can help mitigate your business risk and help you reap the benefits of the service. Hiring a reputable and trusted cloud expert is key to overcoming fear of the cloud.

What is your background in the cloud?

I’ve been in IT for nearly 20 years. Before the cloud, technicians had to physically be near a server to perform IT-related duties. Now, I can remote in and work from anywhere in the world on a businesses’ network – that’s the biggest difference. I can do IT from anywhere – I’m always connected. Today I work with integration, migration, and collaboration with the cloud and specialize in niche areas of implementing cloud services.

What do you think will happen to companies that don’t move to the cloud?

Companies that don’t move to the cloud will start losing out on great talent. The cloud brings flexibility and work-life balance – work can be done from anywhere, anytime. Once employees can work from anywhere, anytime, they won’t want to work any other way. After all, we aren’t dinosaurs, and we don’t want to work in a cave.  The cloud is going where users want it to go, and companies have to keep up.

Businesses that don’t move to the cloud will also miss out on savings opportunities. The cloud brings cost savings and efficiencies by allowing employees to work from anywhere, anytime, for example reducing the cost of office space.

How is the cloud changing the business world?

The way we are working is changing. We don’t want to be connected everywhere, we need to be connected everywhere. That’s why I’m passionate about the cloud – we shouldn’t be tethered to the office. Technology should free us from the office and the day-to-day grind where we can live a balanced life. Technology should serve us, not change us.

Where do you think the cloud is headed in the next few years?

We will begin to see many commercial cloud offerings from a lot more companies. Companies like Microsoft will begin to offer more cloud services, and so will smaller players in the market. It’s important to be careful who you choose. Your choice may bring savings now, but could cost you later. Companies need a trusted specialist to guide them in the right direction, you don’t want to embrace the wrong cloud offerings. It’s a jungle out there – you don’t want to just wander in without a guide.

What is your vision for SysGen’s Cloud services?

I want the SysGenCloud to go anywhere it can go, and do anything it can do, and do it well. I can’t tell you where the cloud will go, but we’ll be ready for it. SysGen is building the resources and spending time on the cloud now, so it will work tomorrow. As a medium-sized company, we can react to the trends much more quickly. The SysGen Atmosphere is and will continue to be strong, robust, resilient, and responsive.

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