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With the cybersecurity landscape constantly evolving, organizations must constantly pivot to manage the potential consequences of increasingly sophisticated attacks. One of SysGen’s three-pronged approaches to cybersecurity is People. Together with Policy and Technology, organizations must optimize all three components to ensure their data and information is protected from malicious attacks. When employees are properly trained with cybersecurity training and given the appropriate resources, they can act as a major line of defense in your organization. Almost 70% of the leading causes of cyberattacks are caused by individuals clicking phishing emails, with 36% being due to a lack of end-user cybersecurity training. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there has been a 667% surge in email phishing scams related to the coronavirus.

SysGen’s team of cybersecurity experts is trained and certified for the management of client security needs. Our team aims to help you and your team have the proper cybersecurity training and resources to ensure your organization has the maximum protection possible. Read more below to learn about SysGen’s methods and resources to ensure People are a strong line of defense in your organization.

Training Platform

Our team provides an on-demand cybersecurity training platform for people to update their security knowledge and enhance their organization’s cybersecurity protection. SysGen cybersecurity professionals stay up to date with the current cybersecurity landscape and its threats to ensure this education is relevant. As a result, your organization can stay informed and vigilant when presented with potential malicious attacks. Organizational testing is designed by SysGen Managed Security and delivered via a testing and training platform to ensure skills are engrained throughout the organization. Training topics include social engineering, types of scams, identity theft awareness, and mobile device protection.

Security Webinars

SysGen’s cybersecurity experts provide in-person or virtual cybersecurity training on the fundamentals. Not only are these sessions engaging and educational, but they also help ensure the entire company is up to speed. Our team initiates a company-wide cybersecurity training webinar delivered by the SysGen Managed Security team. In these webinars, we include recent case studies relevant to the client, ensuring the cybersecurity knowledge applies to your organization. Our security webinars are constantly updated with topics such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), preventing phishing attacks, understanding the importance of data encryption, and protecting company assets while working remotely. Our team members are readily available should your employees have additional questions or inquiries.

Security Bulletins

As a SysGen Managed Security client, your organization receives periodic security bulletins based on critical information your company should be aware of to protect itself. Our Managed Security team provides event-driven security bulletins to keep you informed. We also create an annual security incident report provided by SysGen’s dedicated Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT). This helps keep your organization safe and current on cybersecurity best practices.

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Headshot of Michael Silbernagel

Michael Silbernagel, BSc, CCSP, CISSP

Senior Security Analyst

Michael is a lifelong technology enthusiast with over 20 years of industry experience working in the public and private sectors. As the Senior Security Analyst, Michael leads the cybersecurity consulting and incident response (CSIRT) teams at SysGen; he is the creator of SysGen’s Enhanced Security Services (ESS), our holistic and comprehensive cybersecurity offering that focuses on people, technology, policy, and process.