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When you first met your IT provider, you thought you would be better together. You both wanted the same things and were headed in the same direction.

Now, the tension has been building up for months. You don’t feel heard, needs aren’t being met, and your technology is feeling the impact. This isn’t what you signed up for, and your business is suffering. You’re left wondering: is this a sign I’ve outgrown my IT provider?

IDC predicts that worldwide IT spending by small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) will expand 4.6% in 2019 to total almost $630 billion, and that two-thirds of SMBs will have digital transformation (DX) as a key part of their IT strategies by the end of 2023. Therefore, the question is no longer whether to opt for managed services, but how to find a provider that ticks all the boxes.

Here are four signs you should be on the lookout for a new IT provider:


Things aren’t working like they should. Your computer keeps freezing, programs are crashing, and you’re pretty sure that there’s a network virus. Experiencing the same issues time and time again is a tell-tale sign that your IT provider isn’t able to give your company the level of technical support it needs.

IT solutions should be long-term and proactive, and not centered around a break-fix, reactive model. Well-thought-out solutions resolve issues at the core, systemic level and don’t cause a reoccurring kerfuffle. Networks are meant to be reliable to enhance business, not prove to be a productivity speed bump.


When you ask for IT support, you never know when you’ll be back in the clear. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes for a quick fix. But in many other instances, you’re left hanging for days.

Response time should be minutes, not hours, or days. Technology is at the core of most businesses today and it needs to run smoothly to keep critical data and systems functioning. An IT provider with a guaranteed response time and multiple contact points ensures consistently responsive service. A service level agreement will hold your IT provider accountable to a performance level guarantee which will ultimately keep your network running strong.


What you ask for and what you get are two entirely different things. That’s because your IT provider isn’t thinking about your organization’s needs. This company offers a one-size-fits-all solution and frankly isn’t really listening.

Each business has unique needs and requires a custom IT solution. IT providers should be thinking about your organization and not their own. Generic call center and infrastructure designs aren’t designed to meld to company requirements and will create reoccurring issues. Your company shouldn’t fit into an IT provider’s offerings, their solutions should be designed to meet your company’s unique business needs.


You thought you knew the costs you were taking on, but that’s because you didn’t expect hidden fees. When the agreement was made, a monthly service fee was outlined. But now, you’re getting billed extra for the after-hours, weekend, and holiday IT support. Sometimes, you’re not even sure what you’re getting charged for.

Transparent and common-sense billing puts an end to uncontrolled costs. By setting up a monthly fixed fee, inclusive with 24/7, after-hours, weekend and holiday service, IT support will be at a set and predictable cost.


If your organization is experiencing unstable technology, and unreliable response, generic solutions, or unexpected billing, you’ve outgrown your IT provider.

Your IT provider should support your business needs – not another way around. After all, you’re the one paying for their service. If you’re looking to grow with an IT provider, look for a company that guarantees consistently responsive services, focuses on communications, provides transparent billing, and has the expertise to support your network.


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Ryan Richardet

President, CEO

Ryan Richardet is the President of SysGen Solutions Group and is the Chair of Datto's Advisory Board; supporting growth by providing strategic advice based on his experience as an owner of a large IT services provider in Western Canada. Ryan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Royal Roads University (2016) and a Bachelor of Biological Science with Distinction from the University of Calgary (2008).