COVID-19 Technology Trends / SharePoint/Teams Analyst

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been forced to shift to the new normal of physical distancing. While working from home was initially mandatory for everyone, as government regulations have relaxed, working from home has become a standard option for many organizations as employees either want to continue working from home or need to do so to reduce office density. Through these transitions, it’s clear that COVID-19 technology trends have emerged to help keep everyone connected while ensuring business continuity.

The following technologies have helped reduce the spread of the virus while also ensuring that businesses can continue operations, no matter where the employee works from.

Remote work

Remote work technology has enabled employees to work from home seamlessly in the new normal. Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx Teams have been in high-demand, not to mention mobile computing devices (laptops, tablets), and virtual private networks (VPNs). These technologies have helped collaboration and teamwork to remain operational during the pandemic. Employees can work from home safely and still complete ongoing projects.

However, remote work has had its challenges; employees may start to feel detached and lonely due to limited contact. In this case, technology has been helpful too; employees can use the video-conferencing function in Microsoft Teams to stay connected to their coworkers.


On a global scale, the cloud is one of the COVID-19 technology trends that has helped connectivity between people and businesses. Cloud technology has ensured that company information is safe while providing a seamless experience in storing and accessing data in the workplace. As COVID-19 escalated, the cloud has played an integral part in providing real-time accessibility and collaboration. Cloud also provides rapid insight as to its systems power analytics, manufacturing, and research with enterprise-grade hardware. This helps business solutions form faster, saving time, and enhancing efficiency. Data can be accessed by employees as they are working from home without having to physically go to the office to access data.


With the increase of people working remotely due to the pandemic and adjusting to the new normal, there is also a rise in cyber-attacks. This is because homes may not be as well-equipped as enterprises with the technology required for business-grade cybersecurity. Organizations spend more than ever dealing with the costs and consequences of increasingly sophisticated attacks. As the pandemic continues, businesses need to invest in the COVID-19 technology trend of updating the cybersecurity systems required to protect their data and their employees, no matter where the employee is working.


In tandem with remote work, cloud, and cybersecurity, businesses have increased their data protection and backup abilities during the pandemic. Implementing policies and procedures to ensure backups are running smoothly is crucial for businesses to ensure continuity and safety of data. When the backups are virtualized and sent to the cloud, they can be accessed at any time and kept safe in real-time. This ensures your organization has constant uptime despite unexpected factors that may negatively impact your business.

Digital Readiness

Now more than ever, businesses need digital readiness as technology rolls out to allow businesses and life to continue as usual. The digital readiness mindset is one of the COVID-19 technology trends that help businesses embrace new technology as a society. Businesses and governments need to build the proper infrastructure to support a digital world and stay updated with the latest technology to ensure businesses can remain competitive. As technology continues to support work and personal lives, companies need to implement proper security awareness training to ensure the safety of company data and infrastructure. Policies must be put in place to create an organizational framework for proper security processes within companies. People, policy, and technology must work together during and beyond COVID-19 to ensure business continuity and the safety and wellbeing of people.

Supporting Your Business

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