The cloud is a metaphor for the internet. Cloud 101 in cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of through a local network, or what is called on-premise today.


There are three major types of cloud computing, each providing benefits for unique business requirements:

  • Public – multiple companies share the same cloud infrastructure with securely isolated data. This service is highly scalable and requires no infrastructure purchase.
  • Private – infrastructure used solely by one organization. This option provides the most control over resources with company-owned equipment in a data center.
  • Hybrid – a blend of two or more cloud types that are individual, but connected. Hybrid computing increases deployment flexibility and maintains resource control.

Whether it’s public, private, or hybrid cloud, storing and accessing data and programs over the internet means getting more uptime with less corporate risk.

Migrating to the cloud means businesses no longer have to pay to build IT infrastructure that may not even be utilized. The cloud provides on-demand, hyper-scalable solutions that enable companies to scale as they grow.

In addition to capital savings on hardware, cloud services save on operating costs to maintain IT infrastructure and put maintenance in the hands of specialized experts who are on-call and available 24/7.

Moving away from hardware also increases cash flow, and removes the financial risk associated with unexpected failure or disaster. By replicating local data offsite, companies can be assured that they’re in good standing in the case of any disaster.

When utilizing the cloud, small and medium businesses gain access to enterprise-grade hardware and software that they otherwise would not be able to purchase due to cost and scale. By purchasing a fraction of the enterprise-grade offering, small and medium businesses can affordably access the best cloud assets in the market.

Companies can also create a remote work culture seamlessly. Whether the employee is working from home or across the continent, their work experience is the same, as is their access to important data.

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