The business landscape is increasingly digitized. From e-commerce to automation, digital technology has infiltrated every aspect of business, or at least it should. Digital transformation is about creating a more efficient and productive workplace, reducing errors and redundancies to free up time for creativity, collaboration, and high-value work. According to a Forbes study, 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. These plans can be rudimentary, like updating laptops and software, or intensive, like migrating data to the cloud and building a hyper-converged IT infrastructure.

In this blog, we will review 5 reasons your business needs a digital advisor for your digital transformation journey.

Why does my business need a digital advisor?

Regardless of the level of sophistication of your business, you can implement digital transformation to reap benefits and uncover better ways of doing business.

Going about digital transformation is another issue entirely. While it may seem as simple as updating old hardware, digital transformation is about changing business processes with technology. To do this effectively, you need a digital advisor or consultant. Digital advisors are experts in their field; they understand the nuances and complexities of digital technologies and how they can be applied to your business to optimize efficiency and maximize productivity.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Digital transformation is becoming necessary to remain competitive in the business landscape. Digital advisory services are critical to assessing, implementing and actioning a digital transformation strategy backed by industry experts. Digital advisors create a comprehensive roadmap for your business and provide insights into how your industry uses explicit technology and how you can leverage this knowledge to gain a competitive edge.

Process Optimization

While attempting to undertake digital transformation on your own may seem cost-effective and give you greater in-house control, the likelihood is that you’ll have blinders on and be limited by the resources available. Through honed skills and knowledge, consultants can identify inefficiencies in your organization, process, and workflows and create custom solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs over the long term.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Many customer interactions are digital, from emails to zooms calls, websites, and beyond; your digital touchpoint with your clients is critical in gaining and retaining customers. Digital advisors will create custom processes to streamline your customer experience, implement customer relationship management, optimize your online processes, and simplify customer feedback.

Technology Implementation

Some may think digital transformation is primarily about purchasing new hardware and software. While this is a part of it, digital transformation is about evaluating and implementing technology to ensure that you get the right technology and that it is appropriately used to give your business the most significant benefit.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The most powerful aspect of digital transformation is the ability to leverage data. With new technologies and better processes, your company can gain further understanding through analyzing data insights to make informed, evidence-based decisions and capitalize on new opportunities.

How Do I Access Digital Transformation Services?

You might think this is great, but how do I get a digital advisor? How much do digital advisory services cost? These costs can seem overwhelming and inaccessible for small and medium-sized businesses; however, because of the critical importance of digital transformation, Canadian businesses can access IT grants from the Government of Canada to fund their digital transformation roadmap.

Canada Digital Adoption Program

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a federal government grant that offers up to $15,000 to Canadian businesses to build a digital roadmap for digital transformation. SysGen is a registered digital advisor of CDAP and can be your guide through the digital transformation journey.

Need help applying for The Canada Digital Adoption Program?

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As Digital Advisory Group Business Manager, Dason has over 20 years of experience focusing his business lens on assessing opportunities to drive long-term shareholder value using digital technologies. Bringing consulting expertise from his time at Xerox and IBM, Dason is skilled in process analysis, customer experience, effective communication, and negotiation. Over his career, he has contributed to hundreds of projects that have yielded significantly improved cost structures, increased asset utilization, and enhanced customer value within multiple industries including post-secondary, retail, banking, energy and mining, and agriculture.