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Many companies reach a point of inflection: to have an in-house IT department, or to engage an IT managed service provider?

This can be a difficult decision to grapple with as companies want to ensure a high level of personalized service, as well as technical innovation and efficiency, without breaking the bank. Here are 10 reasons why you should think about hiring an IT managed service provider.

Focus on Your Core Competencies and Running Your Business

A managed IT provider can take 100% control of your IT environment. This means you don’t have to spend your precious time-fighting technology fires and directing the IT department to have a strategic focus on business goals. A managed IT firm becomes the expert, ensuring your technology needs are met and that technology continually propels your business forward.

Return on Investment and Risk Reduction is Greater

With an IT provider, your company has access to the collective experience of a team of IT professionals with specific and in-depth qualifications, industry training, and up-to-date certifications. Additionally, multiple dedicated resources are available to you with superior technical expertise and experience to call upon for solutions using industry best practices. Being at the forefront of technology policy, managed service providers also provide early notifications of government regulatory compliance. For example, organizations that require a VMWare expert might only require the specialist for twenty hours per year. These individuals are expensive to hire in-house and may be difficult to locate. With SysGen, you’ll always have access to the required expert whenever needed, and, depending on the situation, it could be included in the monthly service cost you already pay.

Customized IT Strategy for Business Goals and Growth

Managed IT providers to analyze your business objectively. What are your business goals? How should technology serve your business? What solutions provide the greatest productivity at the least cost over a fixed term? Utilizing a managed service provider should not be about an ad-hoc, break-fix approach to technology, where the sole goal is to fix a printer or reboot a computer. The relationship should be about using IT strategically to achieve business goals and ensure productivity is guaranteed and amplified.

Access to a variety of IT Services

Being technology experts, IT organizations understand what customers need and develop the IT services required to serve these needs. For example, SysGen developed the SysGen Atmosphere understanding that small and medium businesses needed a cloud solution for their specific business operations. Understanding the desire of businesses to move away from on-site physical servers to a cloud environment they feel comfortable with served as the motivation for developing SysGen’s cloud offering. Understanding that businesses also want access to services they might not normally have at a small scale, such as two-factor authentication and dashboard monitoring, are additional IT services managed service companies can provide.

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation is guaranteed when working with an IT organization because of its focus on being the leading technology expert in the marketplace. With technical experts surrounding themselves with cutting-edge information regularly, clients benefit by having the latest and greatest technologies implemented. And, they aren’t responsible for paying to train their own employees internally.

Reduce and Control Operating Costs

Having a full-time technician on staff, or an entire internal IT department has significant costs associated with it. Keeping an IT employee employed includes salary, benefits, training, absence and coverage, not to mention hiring due to turnover. With a managed service provider, consistent service is provided without the additional costs associated with maintaining key personnel.

Predictable Monthly Budget

Budgets are negotiated with an IT provider and additional costs are discussed prior to implementation. Therefore, IT costs are a stable entity that can be easily tracked and understood.

Detailed Documentation of Your Current IT Infrastructure Network

It’s important to have an inventory of infrastructure to ensure hardware and software are serving your company optimally. With outdated technology, productivity decreases and security vulnerabilities increase. Documenting your infrastructure ensures your IT experience is optimized for your business and continues to improve over the years.

Vendor Relationships

Your business benefits from the relationships IT managed service providers build with software and hardware vendors. Procurement services enable bulk purchasing and leasing options (hardware, software, etc.) freeing you from the due diligence and time-consuming exercise of sourcing the best vendors and suppliers. Additionally, these established relationships ensure you’re receiving the best value the marketplace offers because you’re leveraging the buying power the IT service provider has established with the manufacturer.


Service Level Agreement’s (SLA’s) ensure accountability where commitment to service excellence is outlined and enforced. Technical experts on-site and behind the scenes guarantee that a certain level of technology experience is delivered, and should this be violated, it is clear that a contractual obligation has been broken leading to appropriate measures.

IT Managed Service Provider or In-House IT Department?

Choosing whether to move forward with an internal IT  department or an IT managed service provider is an important decision to grapple with. It is critical to look at the technology landscape – with cybersecurity attacks on the rise, technology becoming increasingly complex, and companies continually going digital, guaranteeing a solid technology partner is a fundamental aspect for businesses to consider. Ensure your technology needs are considered and that the achievement of your business goals is at the forefront of your technology relationship.

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