When clients sign up for SysGen’s Managed Services, not only are they receiving top-notch IT services from our technical team but also high-quality and customized care from our team of Customer Experience Specialists (CES). These experienced individuals will help clients by advocating for their business needs and goals to the SysGen team where everyone can collaborate to achieve them. We spoke to Chelsea Richardet, one of our CES’s at SysGen about the job scope of a CES, approach to client’s business needs, and the benefits for their business. Read on to gain insights about the benefits of a CES for your business!

What does a Customer Experience Specialist (CES) do?

The job scope of a CES is partially in the name. Our main goal is to ensure that the client’s experience with SysGen exceeds their expectations. We aim to be their “trusted advisors” that the client can turn to in order to help reach their goals. Our focus is on building relationships with clients, advocating on their behalf to SysGen, and ensuring that they feel heard by SysGen.

As a CES, what are you trying to achieve?

Our major mandate is regular correspondence with our clients. We want to make sure our clients feel that they can reach out to us with any type of issue or accolade. We also schedule regular business reviews to ensure that their IT strategy and day-to-day IT operations are in line with business goals.

What are your favorite elements of being a CES?

One of my favorite things is that I love is building relationships with my clients. I feel like I’ve done my job when the client comes to me and says, “Thank you so much. You have a great technical team and we’ve been able to streamline our IT processes.” It makes me happy to hear when our clients are not shy about reaching out to our team for help. I love hearing that they’re able to align IT with their business needs and ensure that IT is not a burden for them.

That’s great! Can you provide an example where the relationship between the CES and the client has proven beneficial for their business?

There are a few different parts; having a CES is beneficial because clients feel comfortable reaching out when they have issues. This ensures their issues are being addressed. Another benefit is the ability to provide constructive feedback that the CES can relay to the SysGen technical team. This helps clients move forward with their strategy needs as well as collaborate effectively.

Another benefit is the ability to talk to SysGen candidly about their business goals through the CES. I’ve always been appreciative of this aspect of the job. As a CES, we’re part of a bigger group so we want to make sure communication is constant between SysGen and our clients. We strive for going above and beyond for all our clients and we’re all about providing great service.

Awesome! Is there an instance when a CES is not beneficial for a client’s business?

I imagine that is a possibility, however, if a client does not feel it is beneficial to have a CES in their environment, then in my mind we have not done our job. One of the main requirements of a CES is to not just have a relationship, but rather a partnership and collaborate with our clients. In my experience, all clients need their CES to advocate for them.

SysGen has many resources available to our clients and if they aren’t being used, it’s at the detriment of the client. Part of our job as a CES is to listen to our clients and bring in the appropriate resources to move forward – whether that be new technology or one of our departments like our Digital Advisory Team or our Enhanced Security Service and ultimately see how it can optimize their business. If we cannot achieve this, then I could see a client not understanding the value of a CES.

What does the future look like for the CES team at SysGen?

The future for us is to continue collaborating with our clients and coworkers. I also hope to continue to work together with vITMs so that technology roadmaps can be formed and implemented for our clients. The future consists of digital transformation, developing digital roadmaps, and providing maintenance such as refreshing workstations and servers.

During the pandemic, the CES team has been constantly checking in to see how we can help our clients. We focused on helping our clients work remotely and safely. One of my goals is to keep the same level of collaboration we have in the office with remote work. As a team, we want to steer away from the break-fix IT model and make sure the CES team can excel by collaborating as much as possible with our clients.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

CESs are a piece of the pie at SysGen. All the departments, from procurement to marketing, work together. We can only excel when the rest of the team excels. I look forward to continuing to work together to help our clients with their business and technology goals!

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Headshot of Ryan Richardet

Ryan Richardet

President, CEO

Ryan Richardet is the President of SysGen Solutions Group and is the Chair of Datto's Advisory Board; supporting growth by providing strategic advice based on his experience as an owner of a large IT services provider in Western Canada. Ryan holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Royal Roads University (2016) and a Bachelor of Biological Science with Distinction from the University of Calgary (2008).