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    Why are SysGen’s services different from other managed IT providers in Edmonton?

    We Don’t Subscribe to the Help-Desk Model of Yesteryear

    One major difference is that we do not operate a help-desk business model. You are assigned a dedicated local IT lead who learns your business inside and out to provide you with the best managed support. They schedule regular onsite support sessions so that your IT services are managed proactively, not reactively. Additionally, you are not dealing with a different technical expert each time your environment encounters an issue. Your business instead builds a relationship with the lead that supports your IT goals.

    SysGen is a Microsoft Gold Partner

    As expert managed service providers we partner with the best technology solutions in the world to boost productivity

    Microsoft Teams

    Optimize your collaboration, communication, and file-sharing with Microsoft Teams. One of the most powerful collaboration tools on the market, SysGen’s Teams experts are ready to accelerate your business by improving your cloud infrastructure.

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 includes not only Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint, but also Power Apps, Power BI, and OneDrive. Connect with our team to optimize M365, one of the most powerful business tools today, for your business.

    Microsoft Security

    The backbone of SysGen’s security practice consists of Microsoft tools. These include Microsoft 365 which defends against cyber threats, Microsoft Azure Active Directory which safeguards user credentials, and Microsoft Authenticator which uses MFA.

    Putting Strategy First

    SysGen also uses a technology solution-approach, as the break-fix IT model does not work in modern operations. This ensures that your business experiences the maximum amount of uptime. SysGen also uses business intelligence to make informed decisions to support your goals. Our conversations are driven by data and reporting. This way, the choices your business makes are founded on the unique experiences of your operations in particular.


    A Full Range of IT Solutions

    SysGen’s entire service model is focused on providing the best IT services experience in Edmonton. How do we do that? As mentioned, we are not a help-desk model. In addition, the IT department we provide your business with ensures that every touchpoint with SysGen is made up of specialists who get to the bottom of the business issue you may be experiencing. 

    For instance, our Infrastructure Solutions Group maps out your technology roadmap to get your business from where you are to where you want to go. Meanwhile, our Escalations Group ensures that projects and technology issues are completed on time. And our Field Services Manager and Client Experience Specialists check in with your business to make sure the IT services experience your business is having meets your expectations. SysGenius and procurement ensure that your software and hardware are up to date. In addition, a virtual IT Manager and digital advisory team ensure that your technology and application strategies are in alignment with your business goals. Surrounding all of this are the tools that SysGen has invested in over the years to ensure every step of the process is seamless.

    Benefits of Choosing SysGen as Your Managed IT Services Provider

    24X7 Real-Time Alerts
    and Monthly Reports

    Scheduled Proactive
    Onsite Support

    Local IT Lead and
    Team in Edmonton

    Preventative Maintenance for
    Your Edmonton Business


    Periodic Business Reviews for
    Innovative IT Solutions

    Escalations for
    Proactive IT Services

    Service Level Agreement to
    Support Your Business Needs

    Why should I choose managed IT for my Edmonton business?

    Many clients work with SysGen because of the peace of mind they achieve when choosing an experienced and capable IT-managed services provider. The reality is that many mid-sized organizations exist by focusing on what they do best. Whether that’s accounting, construction, non-profit operations or the legal profession, their business goal is to excel at their core offering. Meanwhile, technology has become the backbone of every business and application type, meaning that it’s a challenge to keep up with the day-to-day support services required to ensure employees can be 100% productive and experience zero downtime due to technology-related setbacks. 

    That’s why the office of our IT company in Edmonton delivers a service solution that is ideal for many medium-sized businesses. The expertise required to understand the complexity of IT environments today can be provided by us with ease and precision. Whether you need a cloud expert, a cybersecurity specialist, a networking savant, a Microsoft Office leader, or require hardware or software optimization analysis, we’re here to help. Our managed services in Edmonton ensure that your mid-size company stays on track for big-time goals.


    How can SysGen’s managed IT services benefit my organization?

    Edmonton is a young, educated, and growing city home to a variety of industries. A globally connected and energy-rich region, it is fuelled by world-class research, an emerging tech and AI hub, booming agriculture, food, and manufacturing industries, and a skilled workforce. SysGen is proud to be established in this vibrant city and loves to fuel the innovation and business growth of our incredible clients.

    We have a long track record of working with a variety of organizations to provide some of the best IT solutions in Edmonton and beyond. Founded in 1995, our focus is on providing ways to ensure businesses excel by utilizing the right technologies and informed recommendations. SysGen is proud to partner with many leading organizations in the area, and our managed services ensure businesses achieve their corporate goals.

    What areas of Edmonton does SysGen provide services for?

    We’re a leading provider in managed services in Edmonton and beyond, including these areas:

    • Acheson
    • Beaumont
    • Bruderheim
    • Camrose
    • Devon
    • Edmonton
    • Fort Saskatchewan
    • Gibbons
    • Leduc
    • Morinville
    • Nisku
    • Sherwood Park
    • Spruce Grove
    • St. Albert
    • Stony Plain

    What Managed Services can SysGen provide?

    IT Services

    With our Managed IT services,
    you receive a dedicated IT team
    operate where and when you need them.
    Our services are strategic & comprehensive.


    With our cloud-managed services, you can
    store your data without fear of losing it.
    Optimize your business operations with
    SysGen’s cloud computing.


    SysGen employs a three-pronged
    approach for a comprehensive
    cybersecurity strategy for small & medium businesses.

    Digital Advisory & Application Management

    From strategy through execution,
    we help manage how business,
    technology, change & compliance work together through digital advisory services.

    Backup & Business Continuity

    Data is one of the most important assets a company has. SysGen has a fulsome backup and business continuity offering.

    Collaboration Tools

    Businesses today are rooted in teamwork. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring you the most powerful collaboration tools in the market.

    IT Strategy

    IT is such a significant part of your business and requires planning, strategy, and careful management in order for your business to truly thrive.

    Wi-Fi Survey & Design

    SysGen works with businesses to improve their Wi-Fi networks, build out new and existing office environments, and aid wireless needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Managed IT services involve the process of employing a service provider to manage a company’s IT resources and assets and develop strategies for cyber security. These services ensure that processes are implemented to manage data securely and improve technological efficiency in an organization. 

    The cost of managed IT services depends on the service provider’s model. Reactive providers typically charge a service fee per incident, which can vary based on the complexity of the issues. Alternatively, service providers like SysGen elect to use a monthly flat fee to provide more comprehensive support that is proactive in building long-term solutions. 

    SysGen uses a proactive model of service delivery for managed IT. At SysGen, businesses receive a dedicated IT manager to integrate themselves with a business mission and goals to create tailor-made solutions. SysGen provides real-time alerts, monthly reports and quarterly reviews to understand your network needs better. Security assurance and preventive maintenance are critical offerings that ensure the server’s health and your data’s protection. SysGen provides an escalation team ready to solve any unforeseen issues with your network.

    No, managed IT services facilitate relationship building between the company and the third-party provider. In contrast, outsourcing provides only basic level support that does not create tailor-made solutions that support your specific company’s mission or goals. A managed IT service provider has a broader range of services and is an investment in the health of your organization’s technological ecosystem.

    Managed IT services are provided to all industries that leverage technology in their business operations. These services benefit small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the internal capacity or expertise to manage an IT department. Using a service provider like us at SysGen allows for applications in various industries to seek out tailor-made solutions. For example, businesses in manufacturing industries require support related to inventory and product lifecycle. Meanwhile, companies in the legal and medical fields require more support in maintaining the security of confidential client information.

    Managed IT services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that leverage technology in their daily operations. SMEs can exploit the knowledge and expertise of a managed service provider without hiring an internal IT department. Companies looking to eliminate the risk of cybersecurity threats and improve process efficiency should take the proactive step of employing a managed IT service provider.

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