Introducing Virtualization Services

Virtualization brings virtual infrastructure solutions to drive out costly hardware and maintenance that weigh you down. By decoupling hardware from software, this IT service consolidates computing resources to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

Take your business beyond the limits with virtualization and join the transformation. SysGen Solutions Group is proud to offer the premier IT service reducing the need for hardware and upkeep, improving data accessibility, and providing high availability.

SysGen provides virtual infrastructure solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Vancouver. This IT service includes network, server, desktop, application, and storage virtualization. We also offer cloud-based data solutions, including business continuity planning.

Why Virtualization?

  • Up to 99.999 percent reliability. SysGen offers a performance guarantee on numerous devices to reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Improved user support. Virtual infrastructure solutions provide technical support from a team of specialized experts at your fingertips.
  • Reduced Costs. Save on capital costs to maintain hardware and lower financial risk associated with unexpected failure or disaster.
  • Enhanced Efficiency. Virtual infrastructure solutions remove upkeep from your IT environment by providing centralized service support.
  • Increased Value. Many services provide automatic updates at no additional cost.
Ready to run at peak performance? Take the next step. Contact us to set up virtualization services for your business in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer or Vancouver.


“SysGen’s senior team of technical experts recognized how our IT requirements could meet business objectives and elevated our infrastructure with cloud and virtual infrastructure solutions to better manage costs and maintenance.”
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