Backup & Business Continuity

Introducing Backup & Business Continuity

Hybrid cloud backup and business continuity solutions bring accessible and reliable backup and recovery planning to reduce downtime costs and corporate risk that weigh you down. By replicating company data at a secure, offsite location, this IT service means more uptime and security with less financial threat.

Elevate your business with hybrid cloud backup and business continuity services and join the revolution. SysGen Solutions Group is pleased to partner with the leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, improving data accessibility, and reducing the cost of downtime.

SysGen provides backup and business continuity services to small and mid-sized businesses in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Vancouver. We also offer virtualization solutions and cloud services.

Why Backup & Business Continuity? 

  • Increased uptime. Decrease the risk of downtime with data redundancy and accessibility provided by hybrid cloud backup and business continuity services.
  • Enhanced user support. Gain technical support from a team of specialized experts at your fingertips.
  • Reduced costs. Data backup and disaster recovery services save on costly downtime by keeping your business operations up and running.
  • Improved efficiency. Removes maintenance from your IT environment by providing instant and automated backup and support.
  • Minimized Risk. Reduce corporate and financial threat by storing and accessing data onsite and in the cloud.
  • Data protection. Data backup and disaster recovery services protect data in secure local and offsite data centers.
Ready for more uptime? Take the next step. Contact us to set up backup and business continuity services in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer or Vancouver.


“Since engaging with SysGen, our IT has changed for the better. We went from a break-fix model to a proactive and monitored system. Prior to, we had frequent disasters and keeping business operations running was a major concern. Our infrastructure is now sound and secure, especially with risk management and backup services.”
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