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Is a Virtual IT Manager (vITM) right for your business? Aside from ensuring your present and future IT needs are a priority, having vITMs work with your organization allows you to focus on your core business activities and achieve your corporate goals. In this article, we will learn and understand how vITMs can add value to your organizational activities and help create a technology roadmap for digital transformation for your business.

What is a vITM (Virtual IT Manager) and what are their responsibilities?

vITMs work with businesses to define, deliver and arrange support for strategic plans in the implementation of IT assets. This means they work closely with employees and create action plans for recurring issues within your organization. vITMs also work closely with internal operations managers to determine the maintenance and growth needs required for network systems and application infrastructures. They oversee a wide scope of the IT world within organizations, such as determining rationale and planning for company upgrades and updating systems that begin to fail due to age or functionality. The vITM then reaches out to the appropriate people and begins eliciting mitigation plans.

Most importantly, vITMs work with a business to identify and define the most efficient communication strategies for accomplishing client IT goals. Throughout the working relationship, they suggest areas for improvement in the client’s internal processes and manage the technical teams for incident and problem management. Essentially, vITMs oversee the whole IT roadmap within the business and ensure everything works and stays updated.

What are the benefits of a vITM?

There are numerous benefits of having a vITM work with your business. To ensure the success of their organization, clients look to SysGen to assist with ensuring technology solutions are leveraged to meet the business goals of the organization as well as support to maintain current operations and infrastructure.

Hiring a vITM for your business means taking advantage of the SysGen experience. Outsourcing your IT management requires that an experienced IT manager has the required experience to help you achieve your business goals. Another benefit of hiring a vITM is that it allows you to focus on your core activities and saves you the time you would’ve spent with trial-and-error methods to manage IT. The vITM not only ensures your IT functions optimally but also leaves you with enough time to focus on your core business operations. Another reason that vITMs are beneficial to your business is in saving money – hiring an IT manager on a part-time basis saves you the money you would’ve spent hiring one full-time.

When should you hire a vITM?

There is no one perfect opportunity to hire a vITM, but below are some of the reasons that it is a good time to do so:

Rising headcounts

The more your organization grows, the more IT expertise you will need to manage the operations within your organization. It is critical to have the right computers, servers, hardware, and software that meet your needs. A vITM will be there for your organization to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Increased Complexity

It can be intimidating to handle multiple systems that have hardware and software requirements that constantly evolve. This may be the case even for tech-savvy business owners and leaders. Sometimes, even with available IT support, operations may slow down or experience delays as they may not know how to meet the organization’s expanding needs. If this is the case, it may be time to consider engaging an experienced Virtual IT Manager.

Evolving Tech

With the technology landscape constantly changing, systems and software that were cutting edge today will be obsolete tomorrow. Hiring a vITM for your organization can help you navigate the constantly changing tech landscape and make smart choices. A Virtual IT Manager can handle everything from software upgrades, license updates, hardware requirements, and vendor relationships.

Continuous Growth

If your business plan calls for future growth, it may be time to consider your IT support as integral to achieving your goals. In addition to troubleshooting or providing on-call support, you can benefit from a vITM’s experience in IT architecture planning. This is to help you and your organization to make a solid and efficient plan to support your operations. vITMs will also provide you with reliable system implementation and monitoring as part of your day-to-day business practices. Part-time staff or consultants are not as likely to be invested in your company’s success and having an IT expert on-site rather than working remotely will allow them to develop solid relationships with your organization and develop a greater degree of trust.

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