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Our client is an independent supplier of bulk fuel, on-site tank storage systems, and lubricants to companies across Western Canada and Alaska. They supply leading equipment and services and have earned a reputation for understanding and overcoming challenges in the industries they serve.


Our client needed help streamlining and digitizing their employee onboarding process. They also required assistance simplifying the forms that new employees were required to complete. The same form would need to be transported from one department to the next (e.g., Accounting to Human Resources). Additionally, the client requested an automated onboarding process for managing onboarding and offboarding. This was important because while the client has low employee turnover in the office, they had a high turnover with those in the field. Any organization with high turnover loses significant time with onboarding and offboarding processes. The client asked for SysGen’s help to reduce this impact on their organization.


The client was already a Managed Services client with SysGen. Through this relationship, the technical team noticed the onboarding issue and heard the client ask for help. SysGen’s Digital Advisory Group was asked to take over the project, at which point interviews of employees were started to understand the process. Over two months, SysGen collected data from over 20 hours of interviews. HR, IT, safety, and transport departments were interviewed to understand the existing onboarding process. After the interviews, many were surprised by how many steps were involved in the process – over 175 – and many were not aware of how long the tasks took to complete.

SysGen’s solution was to automate the onboarding process using Microsoft Forms, Flow, and SharePoint lists. Repetitive elements were removed to create consistency and efficiency. Forms were migrated from manual processing to Microsoft Forms, and some answers were collected through the automation process.

A new process was developed that starts with a new hire submitting their onboarding form. It triggers a workflow that sends out emails to respective departments with assigned tasks. SysGen made the client’s email workflow smart so that multiple departments can have access to the information they need to complete the process.

Another element SysGen successfully implemented a new process for managing onboarding and offboarding. This is an on-boarding and off-boarding list that keeps track of new and existing employee and department-specific tasks that need to be tackled related to the people on the list. The SharePoint list creates accountability by outlining what is pending and what has been completed.

In the end, the revamping of the onboarding process saved SysGen’s client significant time. The original onboarding process took approximately 3 to 4 hours. With the new process, SysGen was able to reduce the time in half to 1.5 to 2 hours. The client onboards approximately three new employees per week, and as a result, SysGen was able to save the client almost nine hours a week in onboarding.

This automated onboarding process helped to empower client HR and IT departments in gaining clarity and taking stronger ownership of the process. Additionally, the system helps the departments to delegate tasks to logistics and the warehouse.

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