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A Managed Modern Workplace is a Better Way of Working

The Modern Workplace is the digital transformation and manifestation of the traditional office, bringing to life the ability to work anywhere and everywhere. A digital workplace allows you and your employees to increase agility, productivity, and flexibility through holistic technology solutions that evolve the workplace. 

With collaboration tools, multi-device mobility, automation, and increased security, Modern Workplace services enable employees to do their work wherever they choose, with greater efficiency and information security.  

Now more than ever, intelligence is key, and data-centric information is becoming a critical driver in business decisions. Microsoft Modern Workplace is a platform that supports your business to connect employee experience through collaboration across function teams, automate business processes with integrated workplaces and does so with intelligent security, ensuring that your business’s data is always safe.  


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Improved Collaboration  

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is the apex of collaboration.  

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are the foundation of the Modern Workplace, operating together to create one seamless experience for meetings, chat, and content. Together these tools improve communication and enhance collaboration. Teams and SharePoint blend mobile work on the go, work from home, and traditional in-office experience to create an uninterrupted work experience. These tools are coupled with streamlined information exchanges by creating single sources of truth that allow staff across various teams and levels to operate with clarity and efficiency. This is reinforced through cloud storage technology, document collaboration, and productivity mechanisms. 

A Mobile & Flexible Workplace 

 The benefit of Modern Workplace technology is that it enables you to maintain a versatile workspace. Modern Workplace solutions can increase mobility and improve flexibility in how, when, and where you work.  

You can transform your small business into a modern, mobile and flexible workplace using cloud computing technology, mobile device applications, remote collaboration and employee productivity tools. Cloud computing services create secure and easy access to files and information so that you retain control of your data while being able to reach it from any device at any time with authoritative access.  

Mobile device applications like Microsoft Office Suite and Azure make collaboration simple. With the flexibility to work on any device in real-time with others, you can easily work together, stay connected and manage your enterprise. 

Enhanced Security

With Microsoft Modern Workplace, Azure becomes the protector of your business operations. SharePoint security controls the accessibility of documentation and data within an organization, ensuring access permissions are simple to control and manage.  

Data, workspace, and network security are paramount to your IT environment. We can better manage identity and access management using protocols like multifactor authentication (MFA) and mobile device management which is critical for retaining control over who has access to information across your organization.  

Modern Workplace technology also prioritizes security by offering advanced threat protection, identity and access management, data encryption, security monitoring and education, and compliance features. By leveraging these capabilities, small businesses can effectively enhance their security posture, protect sensitive data, and mitigate potential threats. 

A Focus On Automation 

The Microsoft Modern Workplace seeks to eliminate repetitive, redundant and low-value business processes through an automated procedure. Further, it encourages data-driven decision-making by automating reports so you can operate with accurate and relevant data.  

Leveraging workflows automates previously manual and tedious processes, optimizing the time of your team and preventing human error. When leveraged with PowerApps, workflows are easily specialized to the unique needs of your business. Workflow automation reduces manual effort and frees up your time for higher-value work.  

With data analytics and automated reporting through PowerBI, you can quickly gather and synthesize data to highlight insights and knowledge, making reporting simple and effective. With this data, you can make critical business decisions with the confidence of having actionable intelligence to drive your business goals forward. 

A More Productive Workplace 

With the combined benefits of improved collaboration, communication, automation and workplace flexibility, the Modern Workplace solution ultimately constructs an organization with enhanced employee productivity and cost savings.  

Centralizing information and data through MS Office eliminates redundancies, offering a seamless experience with a centralized platform for tasks. With this, you reduce the time spent switching between systems and applications and instead use a single source of truth and access point at your fingertips.  

Cost savings manifest in different ways in the Modern Workplace. For example, workers can maintain increased productivity because they aren’t bogged down by repetitive tasks. Instead, they can dedicate efforts to high-value work. Further cost savings emerge in the technology used. Leveraging cloud computing technology in a digital workplace endows the cost saving of cloud storage compared to traditional storage solutions. By reducing hardware, CAPEX, and maintenance costs, this solution not only makes your data accessible but also stores it with greater cost-effectiveness. 

SysGen’s Capabilities

SysGen’s Digital Advisory team can help make digital workplace management a breeze. Our team comprises experts in the field who are experienced in crucial technology tools such as Teams, SharePoint, PowerBI, and automation. They can help businesses execute a solid governance system for a properly planned strategy and subsequent implementation. 

SysGen’s Managed Modern Workplace Services Include:

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