Pete is the reason you fall in love with SysGen. He whips our technical team into optimal shape and ensures that SysGen’s diverse service offerings are fit for the Queen – literally. He’s ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certified which is the methodology the Queen of England’s technology team uses to ensure IT best practices. This means Pete guarantees you’re receiving the best IT service the world offers.

Since joining SysGen in 2013, Pete has worn many hats and has helped shape the company’s IT solutions. Pete has influenced SysGen’s direction of becoming more data-driven with improved client business processes for an interruption-free IT Experience. Living and breathing Information Technology daily, Pete knows exactly what makes an extraordinary experience and continuously helps grow the SysGen IT Experience.

With 20 plus years of expertise, Pete provides quality services for all SysGen clients because ‘Everyone Deserves to Experience IT.’

Pete loves to spend quality time with his fiancé, enjoys playing the guitar and occasionally performs home concerts equipped with state of the art laser shows.

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