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IT’s all about the Experience

Say ‘goodbye’ to helpdesks and tech jargon

IT is a vital part of your business,

but let’s face it, it can be a total a pain.

It’s Monday morning and the whole office is in a whirlwind of chaos because Sharon at the reception desk clicked another malware link that has unleashed a virus company wide. Systems are down, tension is up, and all before you’ve even had your morning coffee.

IT issues, big or small, disrupt progress. But it doesn’t have to be this way….

Historically, when your company has been faced with an IT issue, you’ve had one of two options. The first option is spending at least an hour of your time on the phone with a helpdesk.

The second option is going down the hall to have a chat with Greg, your internal IT guy. You ask Greg ‘what’s going on?’ and while wiping the sweat from his brow and shooting you a panicked grimace, he provides you with an earful of jargon that you don’t (and don’t care to) understand. Greg scurries back to his vigorous typing and wire-fidgeting and you are still oblivious to what the real problem is, how big of an issue it is, and how quickly it will be dealt with.

After the issue has finally been resolved, your relief is short lived as you realize you have no idea whether or not the same problem will re-emerge tomorrow and what steps are being taken to ensure it doesn’t. You don’t have the time or tech knowledge to hold Greg accountable, and frankly, that’s not your job.

Sure, Greg’s a nice guy, but he’s clearly in over his head, and it’s not his fault. As technology becomes an increasingly more instrumental part of every business, it takes serious time, knowledge, and resources to not only keep your company above water, but put your business ahead in the game. This goes far beyond the scope of what your typical internal IT guy (or even team) can do. So where do you go from here?

You call us.

And who are we you ask?

SysGen Solutions Group is a client-focused IT consulting organization for small to mid-sized businesses. We are headquartered in Calgary with offices in Edmonton, Red Deer and Vernon. We are committed to providing unmatched customer service, comprehensive network support, and innovative business solutions.  and are dedicated to ensuring optimum network performance.

We think it’s high time that IT stop creating problems and start creating solutions.

SysGen offers responsive, real-time managed IT services and support for IT issues of all shapes and sizes. But more importantly, we deliver proactive IT solutions that are designed to prevent these issues from happening in the first place, while working alongside your business to maximize your company’s use of technology.

Each business has its own

industry needs and unique company pain points.

We take the time to understand these. We’ll develop an intimate understanding of your business the way no external team has before in order to design innovative IT solutions that facilitate long-term business growth.

Our services are personalized to fit your specific company needs. We are dedicated to far more than just solving your IT issues. We are dedicated to helping you thrive as a business. We are reliable, we are creative, and we speak in a way that actually makes sense. No drama, no jargon. That’s the SysGen Experience™.

Our IT solutions include infrastructure administration and design, virtualization, cloud computing, and data management.


We’re not just an IT company, we are here to revolutionize the way you use technology and experience IT.

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