Our Gift to You


We’re bringing you
the IT solutions
you’ve been hoping for.

No hand-holding of junior technicians and no dealing with annoying help lines, just experiencing solutions beyond your expectations.

With cost-effective, ongoing IT support, we give you freedom of mind so that you can focus on growing your business and achieving your short- and long-term business objectives.


Our technical experts
immerse themselves into
your business and treat it
as if it were their own.

Your current internal IT team has one great thing going for them – they know your company. We think this is an essential part of creating IT-based business solutions. This is why at SysGen, we make your business our business.

Not only do we get to know your business, but we bring you more than an internal team ever could
with access to experts, strategists and powerful IT resources. We’re your internal tech team with a whole lot of power backing us up, which is why you get quick response times and around the clock support when you work with us.

Meet the team

Find what’s right for you:

Managed IT

Dedicated Services

Our senior consultants manage day-to-day desktop and server support while leveraging the best IT services to meet corporate objectives while ensuring you’re adding to your bottom line.

IT Consulting

Sharing the knowledge

Application optimization and strategic integration of IT solutions are key to making sure your business and operational requirements are aligned and achieving successful outcomes.


Be Infrastructure-free

Join the revolution and elevate your business into the cloud. Atmosphere is a leading cloud service streamlining your in-house hardware and associated maintenance, providing unmatched reliability.

We want you to Experience IT in a totally new way

Working with SysGen means better data security, increased efficiency, greater accountability
and IT management that facilitates business growth.


Collaborating for IT;
powerful solutions crafted together


Communicating clearly; no more IT jargon, no more help-desks


Running your IT consistently.


Expect IT to be handled with a tailor-made solution.



A better way to do IT. We don’t just solve it issues –
our solutions propel your business forward by providing the best IT Experience available.


Implementing innovative solutions to ensure continually improved IT.


Acting in your best interest with integrity, always.


Relating to your business with custom solutions and an assigned technician.


Being responsible for IT as a function that helps your company succeed.

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